If you consult the Chinese lunar calendar, 2013 was supposed to be the year of the snake. Now if you ask the internet, it'll tell you this year belonged to the photobombing llama.

It didn't matter if you were at award ceremonies or weddings this year. So long as there were cameras, you could count on a photobomb. Not even travel photographers could escape them, with fish, giraffes and even Kevin Spacey getting in on the action in 2013.

Looking back at the last 12 months, The Huffington Post Canada hand-picked the 13 defining travel photobombs of the year for your enjoyment. If you're a shutterbug, this will be a source of aggravation. But for everyone else, break out the champagne and cheers to another year of hilarity.

  • 1
    This Might Sting A Little...
    Stingrays: Continuing their photobombing ways since 2012.
  • 2
    Pulling A Miley
    If they weren't sticking their huge necks into your hotel room windows, giraffes were ruining you photo ops in 2013.
  • 3
    Truly a Kodak moment.
  • 4
    Red Fish..
    The story was very much the same under the sea.
  • 5
    Silver Fish..
    Be it in deep or shallow water.

  • 6
    Parrot Fish!
    This is Gavin, the smiling parrot fish. You can find him at Australia's Great Barrier Reef where he'll swim right up and enhance ruin your photo while diving at Seawalker Australia.
  • 7
    This year wasn't just a good time for photobombing fish. Sharks got in on the action too at the Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto.
  • 8
    Don't I Know You From Somewhere..
    But 2013 wasn't exclusive to animals bombing your travel photos. You can thank Kevin Spacey for that. The "House of Cards" star was in Boston and decided to photobomb Christina Sander, a tourist posing by George Washington monument. How do you know it was a photobomb? Well if Kevin Spacey yells "this is a photobomb,” it's probably a photobomb.
  • 9
    The Disney World Photobomb
    It was supposed to be a magical moment in the "most magical place in the world." Then this happened. In the photobomber's defence, who proposes at Disney World in the middle of July?
  • 10
    A Whale Of A Tale
    Forget humans! Not even animals are safe from photobombing animals.
  • 11
    The Three Amigos
    Richard Evans/ Imgur
    Llamas are notorious photobombers but one should never underestimate their distant relative, the guanacos. Ask Richard Efvans and he'll tell you all about it.
  • 12
    Another Photo Of Machu Picchu? YAWN...
    Erica Kuschel/ Imgur
    No trip to Peru is complete without a trek up Machu Picchu and no good photo op is without a llama photobomb.
  • 13
    Better Luck Next Time
  • 14
    They Also Make Excellent GIFs

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