It may be getting cold outside, but this adorable story about a dog who adopted eight abandoned puppies is warming our hearts.

On Dec. 3, a box of eight motherless puppies was dropped off at the Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS). The puppies were found in a park and were estimated to be only seven to 10 days old at the time.

Then on Dec. 6 a German Shepherd named Timber, who came to the LAPS in November, gave birth to two puppies via c-section. Once her own were born, Timber's mother instinct kicked in—so she took on the parenting role for of all the little animals.

That's right: Timber "adopted" the abandoned puppies, making her a mother of 10.

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  • Puppies At Langley Animal Protection Society

  • Puppies At Langley Animal Protection Society

  • Puppies At Langley Animal Protection Society

  • Puppies At Langley Animal Protection Society

  • Puppies At Langley Animal Protection Society

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  • Carmel

    Carmel is a pit bull mix. She is 9 weeks old.

  • CoCo

    CoCo is a 9-week-old pit bull mix.

  • Abel

    An 8-week-old golden retriever mix.

  • Tucker

    An 8-week-old heeler mix.

  • Charlie

    An 8-week-old lab mix.

  • Jack

    An 8-week-old golden retriever mix.

  • Betty

    An 8-week-old lab/heeler mix.

  • Bailey

    An 8-week-old heeler mix.

  • Bella

    An 8-week-old heeler mix.

  • Cody

    Nine-week-old heeler mix.

  • Hank

    Nine-week-old heeler mix.

  • Pluto

    A 16-week-old German shepherd mix.

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  • Bernese Mountain Dog (The Lover)

    The Bernese Mountain Dog, a larger breed of dog, is known for its fierce loyalty and watchdog tendencies. This puppy is devoted to you no matter what and will adore you regardless of your mood. Unlike a man, the Bernese will not roll over when you hear something in the middle of the night and would rather not investigate yourself. This little guy will already be at the scene, ready to tear whoever or whatever is making that creaking noise to shreds. Although these puppies can be a bit shy (don't expect him to let you in immediately) and they can gain weight rather easily (hey, more to love), they are gentle giants ready to give and receive love.

  • French Bulldog (The Lounger)

    Known as a lazy puppy, the French bulldog is perfect for anyone who isn't keen on waking up at 6 a.m. for walks. And his insanely cute face is the perfect thing to wake up to. This happy puppy is also eager to please, so getting him to sit through "Pride and Prejudice" (the five-hour A&E version is clearly the best) or "The Notebook" will be no problem at all.

  • Bichon Frise (The Cuddler)

    Is your apartment smaller than some mailboxes? This lovable puppy is the perfect companion for you. Since the frise is so tiny, he doesn't take up much room (leaving you with all the closet space). Unlike a boyfriend who leaves his clothes all over the house, this little guy doesn't shed. And best of all? He's a great snuggler (but his size means that you'll always have to be the big spoon).

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (The Socializer)

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are extremely eager to please and one of the friendliest breeds. Not only will they get along with other dogs, but they will also get along with other pets (Her Royal Highness, Your Cat, included). These puppies love people and will even adapt well to strangers. You'll have no trouble convincing him that a girls night in is a good idea. And best of all, he is almost guaranteed to get along with your mother.

  • Boston Terrier (The Gentleman)

    The Boston terriers are known as the "The American Gentleman" because of their superior manners. This puppy's goofiness will always leave you laughing, and he's always on his best behavior (no ground rules necessary when you have guests). He's also extremely low maintenance. Sounds like a perfect 10.

  • Golden Retriever (The Golden Boy)

    The golden retriever is the dog equivalent to that guy you always hear about but never meet. You know, the investment-banker-ex-lacrosse-team-captain who loved to cook and play Scrabble. Once you get a golden, you can give up the search. This puppy has almost every quality you could hope for in a man (intelligence, check; friendliness; check; reliability, double check), but the retriever is also easiest to train out of any dog breed -- he can be potty-trained in a matter of weeks. Teaching a man to put the seat down could take years.

  • Akita (The Well-Groomed)

    Always dignified and never despondent, the Akita is known for its affectionate nature. An Akita always grooms himself, especially after meals. He is also fastidious around the house (if this pup could make his bed, he would). It's true that he can be intolerant of other puppies of the same sex, but let's be honest: Your boyfriend was never thrilled with your ex, either.

  • Saint Bernard (The Protector)

    We all remember Nana from "Peter Pan" -- the adorable Saint Bernard who watches over Wendy & Co. while the parents are out, presumably boozing. But even outside of Disney movies, Saint Bernards possess many of the qualities you want in any companion. A protector above all, the Saint Bernard is very patient, and won't mind if it takes you an hour to pick out an outfit to walk him in. He is also extremely obedient and will quickly understand the meaning of "no" and "heel" -- if only men could learn that fast.

  • Pomeranian (The Looker)

    We all know <a href=" " target="_hplink">Boo</a>, possibly the world's cutest dog. And he's no exception to the rule -- Pomeranian puppies are almost too cute to exist. Coupled with their lively manner and willingness to learn, they can basically do no wrong. Name one human companion you can say that about.

  • Border Collie (The Energizer)

    Border collies have remarkable stamina, which unfortunately isn't the case for all men. Not only will these puppies' enthusiasm leave you wondering how they have so much energy, but they also love mental challenges (this little guy would much rather learn new tricks than watch television).

  • Borzoi (The Independent)

    Sometimes you crave silent companionship. Sometimes you want to go out with friends on a Friday night and not have to worry about whether your other half is adequately entertained at home. The Borzoi is perfect for anyone who wants company but isn't up for perpetually amusing someone else. This puppy is sensitive, athletic and intelligent (the trifecta of perfect).

  • Mya & Maggie, Poodles

    While they are not technically "puppies" anymore, they ARE my babies and for sure are better than a man. No passive-aggressive tendencies so far ...

  • Oliver Theodore West of Fortis

    This is Oliver Theodore West of Fortis, but to me he's Teddy, my little love and sidekick. Teddy came into my life about seven months ago, when I was still healing from a difficult breakup and needed all the unconditional love there was to receive and give. We've been inseparable since that day in August, and all the pain I felt over my broken heart I channeled in a different way -- spending hours on the floor playing with this little creature or making sure Teddy ate or slept well. This overtook any hurt that was still left within me. Now, he's with me everywhere, we are a team and Teddy guards me like a hawk. He loves my true friends, but will show his teeth once in a while. I never thought I could love this little monster as much as I do, but I would never trade Teddy's devotion to me and the cold nose that wakes me up each morning.

  • Beethoven, St. Bernard

    He is a wonderful soul mate! Protective, loving, and smart! He is a St. Bernard that I rescued as a puppy. He is the most amazing addition to our little family of three (myself, 4-year-old little boy and 7-year-old little girl). In this picture (taken in the middle of December of 2011) he was only 11 months old.

  • Better Than A Man ... And A Dog?

    Dogs are a real pain if you live in a city. But a large fat cat is definitely better than a guy and a lot easier to live with.

  • Zeus, Chocolate Lab

    This is me and my main squeeze, Zeus. He's a Chocolate Lab, my best buddy and the guy who saved my life. He's better than a man because he lets me talk just as much as I want and never complains -- even if I tell him a story more than once.

  • Popsie, Cavashon

    Better than a man? Not sure about that ... Better at unconditional love? Definitely.

  • MacGregor

    More faithful than any man I've ever known -- and more attentive to my mood and wishes!

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  • Slight Miscalculation

    Don't worry, poppa's there to give you a hug and make it all better.

  • Taking A Break

    Just going to take a quick break on this step for a bit.

  • So Close

    Almost there!

  • Fast Learner

    These stair things are easy.

  • Stair Conquerer


  • Nice And Careful

    Easy does it.

  • A Little Tumble

    But that's why we practice.

  • Like A Pro

    He's a natural.

  • Another Way Out?

    There's no exit on this thing?

  • Longing Stare

    What are you just looking at me for? Help me up this thing!

  • Moral Support

    From dog and man alike.

  • Building Up The Courage

    He gets there in the end.

  • Hop Step

    She has a good system going there.

"She’s wonderful,” LAPS trainer and adoption counselor Becky Hemphill told Global News. “She treats them all the same.”

According to the LAPS, it's not uncommon for new canine mothers to accept other babies as their own, but just to make sure, staff members rubbed the puppies with Timber's placenta so that they would smell like her.

Oh, and did we mention that you can watch the puppies sleep/play/be adorable on this live stream? That's right: endless hours of puppy watching awaits you.

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