The Ultimate HuffQuiz: 2013 Edition

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So you want to be a news quiz master, but have you been paying enough attention to be number one?

To send off 2013, we’ve departed from our regular 5-question HuffQuiz Twitter format and put together a special-edition 20-question quiz to test how attentive you’ve been to our wide-ranging scope of news and entertainment coverage.

How (regular) HuffQuiz works: every week, our quizmaster prepares five questions about the week’s events to ask to our Twitter audience on Fridays starting at 8 p.m. ET. Winners are crowned with bragging rights, their picture hoisted on our front page, and victory preserved in our HuffQuiz Hall of Fame.

Enough chit chat, test your news knowledge – have at our Ultimate HuffQuiz, 2013 edition. Can you lock down the high score?

#HuffQuiz's 2013 Year In Review

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    Question 1 of 20

    This Canadian writer won a Nobel Prize for Literature. Name her.

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    Question 2 of 20

    The Beastie Boys sued a toy company for using its song “Girls” in an ad. Name the toy company.

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    Question 3 of 20

    2013 was not a good year for cruise ships. In one of the worst incidents, a fire crippled a Carnival ship for adrift for days without air conditioning or running water. Name the ship.

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    Question 4 of 20

    A Canadian comedian had a big spat with the NRA and Fox News over his stance on gun rights. Name him

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    Question 5 of 20

    An Internet security expert and millionaire made headlines when he went on the run from authorities in Belize. Name him.

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  • <HH--PHOTO--VACCINE--1532806--HH>

    Question 6 of 20

    Toronto Public Health caused headlines when it spoke out publicly against a celebrity’s anti-vaccine stand. Name the American celebrity

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    Question 7 of 20

    Rob Ford wasn’t the only mayor to get into trouble this year. Name the London, Ont. mayor who will stand trial next spring on fraud charges

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    Question 8 of 20

    2013 saw the election of a new pope. What was Pope Francis’ name before becoming the pontiff?

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  • <HH--PHOTO--CANADA-SENATE--1532809--HH>

    Question 9 of 20

    Who said it? “Despite the clear, vindictive intent of this motion, you will never break my spirit.”

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  • <HH--PHOTO--CALGARY-ZOO--1532810--HH>

    Question 10 of 20

    A large mammal nearly escaped the Calgary Zoo during the floods this summer. What was it?

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  • <HH--PHOTO--NBA-DRAFT--1532813--HH>

    Question 11 of 20

    A Canadian basketball player made history by being selected no. 1 overall in this year’s NBA draft. Name him.

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  • <HH--PHOTO--ROB-FORD--1497510--HH>

    Question 12 of 20

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford lost most of his political powers to his deputy mayor in November. Name the deputy mayor.

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    Question 13 of 20

    Astronaut Chris Hadfield had an interview with a famous sci-fi actor while on the international space station. Name him.

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    Question 14 of 20

    Name the CEO of MMA Rail, the company in charge of the train that exploded in the Quebec town of Lac Megantic.

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  • <HH--PHOTO--SNOWDEN--1532815--HH>

    Question 15 of 20

    Edward Snowden, the man responsible for leaking memos about NSA surveillance got help from a journalist at The Guardian. Name him

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  • <HH--PHOTO--DOCTOR-LEAVING--1527594--HH>

    Question 16 of 20

    In May, a famous Canadian doctor died. The doctor’s legal battle would lead to the legalization of abortion in Canada. Name the doctor.

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  • <HH--PHOTO--PRINCE-GEORGE--1532793--HH>

    Question 17 of 20

    In July, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge named their son George -- much to the delight of the City of Prince George located in this province...

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  • <HH--PHOTO--MIKE-DUFFY--1421417--HH>

    Question 18 of 20

    A cheque to Senator Mike Duffy ended up forcing Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Chief of Staff to resign. Name him

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  • <HH--PHOTO--ARGO--1532816--HH>

    Question 19 of 20

    Argo won the Best Picture Oscar earlier this year. Name the Canadian ambassador who helped get American hostages out of Iran.

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  • <HH--PHOTO--CHRISTY-CLARK--1181774--HH>

    Question 20 of 20

    Christy Clark was re-elected as premier of British Columbia despite being down in the polls for much of the campaign. Name the B.C. NDP leader she defeated

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