LONDON - Former world heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield has been reprimanded by the bosses of a British reality TV show for saying being gay "ain't normal."

Holyfield compared being homosexual to being born with a deformed leg, saying "you go to a doctor and get it fixed back right." He also said it was "a choice" to be gay.

The 50-year-old American made the comments during a conversation with a fellow contestant on Celebrity Big Brother in an episode that was aired Sunday in Britain.

Program officials told Holyfield these "aren't the views that are held by a large section of society, and expressing these views will be extremely offensive to many people."

Holyfield was warned to "consider very carefully the effects expressing such views may have."

It isn't the first time it has been engulfed by controversy, far from it in fact. Let's remind ourselves of the most shocking moments in the show's 14-year history.
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  • Nasty Nick - 'Big Brother 1' (2000)

    It may seem tame by 'Big Brother' standards now, but when the housemates found out that Nick Bateman had been lying about his past and influencing nominations, it was headline news. Millions of viewers tuned in as Craig Phillips confronted him over his deception and he was duly kicked out via the back door.

  • Fight Night - 'Big Brother 5' (2004)

    Big Brother's first proper taste of controversy came with its now infamous 'fight night', when housemates Emma and Michelle were reintroduced to the house after days of secretly watching the rest of the group from a secret bedsit. The reunion was a far from happy one, as a booze-fuelled tussle soon broke out, which saw the house trashed, the police called, the live stream cut and Emma ejected over her behaviour.

  • Race Row - 'Celebrity Big Brother 5' (2007)

    The show was thrown under the spotlight of the world's media when Jade Goody made racist remarks towards Indian actress Shilpa Shetty. In a row that marked the beginning of the end of 'Big Brother' as we then knew it, a record number of over 45,000 complaints were recorded from shocked viewers. Channel 4 had their knuckles wrapped by TV watchdog Ofcom for not acting quickly enough, and were forced to make on-air apologies during the following series. Speaking of which...

  • Emily says the 'n' word - 'Big Brother 8' (2007)

    Just months later, Emily Parr found herself thrown out of the house for using the 'n' word, after producers clamped down on the use of unaccpetable language following the race row.

  • Alexandra ejected - 'Big Brother 9' (2008)

    Telly bosses received over 400 complaints about outspoken housemate Alexandra, who was accused of allegedly bullying some housemates in a row about oven chips. However, she was kicked out of the house, when she threatened to have her "gangster friends" deal with anyone who nominated her.

  • Spitgate - 'Big Brother 9' (2008)

    In scenes that echoed 2004's fight night, it all kicked off when Rex defaced a painting done by fellow housemate Jennifer. As the row spread, with everyone taking sides, Dennis spat in Mo's face, an action which saw him swiftly ejected from the house.

  • Daley's aggression - 'Big Brother 14' (2013)

    Daley was quite rightly thrown out of the Big Brother house after a play fight with fellow housemate Hazel O'Sullivan turned sinister. The pair were locked up in the compound's 'safe-house' when viewers saw him slap Hazel on the bum, grab her by the neck and pin her on a bed.

  • Ron's racial slur - 'Celebrity Big Brother 12' (2013)

    Ron Atkinson was given a formal warning by Big Brother after he joked that housemate Danielle Marr was carrying a bomb, while wearing a jumper on her head like a Muslim headscarf.