01/16/2014 12:31 EST | Updated 03/18/2014 05:59 EDT

John Baird pushes for Keystone XL decision in U.S. speech

Canada wants the Obama administration to make a decision on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, even if that decision is "not the right one," Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird told a business audience in Washington, D.C., Thursday.

Baird has been in Washington this week meeting with proponents of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline and holding other meetings ahead of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's visit to the Middle East next week.

"If there’s one message I’m going to be promoting on this trip, it's this: the time for Keystone is now. I’ll go further – the time for a decision on Keystone is now, even if it’s not the right one," Baird said in his prepared remarks to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

"We can’t continue in this state of limbo."

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