01/20/2014 11:24 EST | Updated 03/22/2014 05:59 EDT

CBC KW sends bitcoin over the airwaves

On The Morning Edition, CBC Kitchener-Waterloo was able to successfully transmit bitcoin over radio waves.

This makes what is believed to be the first known transmission of the digital currency by a public radio station. 

A series of beeps were played over the air, and listeners were asked to use an app known as to decipher a code produced by the sound. 

Chris Skory of Rockland County, New York was the winning recipient, and unlocked 0.05 bitcoin worth about $40. The bitcoin was donated by Waterloo start-up Tinkercoin and a local bitcoin enthusiast.  

"I did not think that I was going to get it at all," said Skory. "I figured there was going to be some pretty stiff competition out there."