01/21/2014 05:50 EST | Updated 03/23/2014 05:59 EDT

No heat in St-Laurent apartments since last week

The tenants of three apartment buildings in the Montreal borough of St-Laurent haven’t had heating since last Thursday.

Around 50 apartments in the buildings on Ouimet Street are affected, and tenants are accusing the owners of ignoring them.

They’re not satisfied with the steps the company that owns the buildings, Toronto’s MetCap Living, has taken to address the situation.

The company has already provided space heaters, but tenants say those don’t provide sufficient warmth, particularly during the cold weather Montreal has been experiencing lately.

For its part, MetCap Living says its defective boiler will be replaced today, and that it has rented more powerful space heaters in the interim.

MetCap Living has owned the buildings for two years, and it’s the first time such a serious problem has occurred in those buildings.

However, the tenants say the company does not maintain its buildings as well as the previous owners did. They say there is no longer a building superintendent and that garbage is piling up.

A similar situation happened last November when tenants of two apartment buildings in St-Laurent went without heat for two weeks.

Those buildings are owned by a different Toronto-based company.