01/22/2014 04:42 EST | Updated 03/24/2014 05:59 EDT

Rob Ford again becomes target for one-time council allies

Rob Ford's former council allies continue to attack him after he was seen in a video using offensive language in a mock Jamaican accent after drinking alcohol when he had vowed not to. 

He began his term as mayor with Karen Stintz, Michael Thompson and Denzil Minnan-Wong in his political corner. The three councillors turned away from him over the past three years, in part from his admission of crack use in office. They continued to pounce today.

Minnan-Wong said that the mayor is not surrounding himself with the right people, saying Alexander "Sandro" Lisi, who was spotted with the mayor in a separate video from the Etobicoke restaurant Steak Queen, was a "bad, bad man."

He reserved his more harsh words for the mayor in Wednesday's budget committee meeting. There, he called the mayor a "coward," saying Ford has done nothing to find efficiencies and avoid a tax hike beyond blaming others on council.

"I share the disappointment many have for Mayor Ford but it is now routine," said Stintz on Twitter. "I said in November that his promises and apologies are meaningless."

She added that the city needs to "move forward."

Michael Thompson, a Scarborough councillor who supports the mayor's subway initiatives, said the mayor is unable to change.

"He needs to get help for his own well-being," said Thompson. "This is something we see in front of us where he's imploding."