01/26/2014 07:17 EST | Updated 03/28/2014 05:59 EDT

Fog to obscure Metro Vancouver for another day

A high pressure inversion that brought episodes of evening and morning fog to B.C.'s Lower Mainland for the past few days is sticking around at least one more night.

The patchy fog, densest in low-lying areas, caused trouble for some morning flights at Vancouver International Airport in Richmond and at the Helijet terminal in downtown Vancouver. 

Environment Canada forecasts that the pea soup will stay until Monday, when the ridge of high pressure over B.C. finally breaks down.

It has been an unusually strong system, bringing record-breaking heat to parts of Yukon. It's quite the contrast to conditions in Eastern Canada, which is on the other side of this dramatic temperature swing.

By Tuesday, a much more seasonal weather pattern will move into the West Coast, bringing showers and some much-needed mountain snow.