Doug Ford Says Voters 'Don't Care' About Rob Ford's Personal Problems

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Doug Ford told reporters Tuesday that people "don't care" about his brother's personal issues but refused to say whether the mayor of Canada's biggest city was drinking and driving last week. (CP) | CP

Doug Ford told reporters Tuesday that voters "don't care" about his brother's personal issues.

Yet, he also refused to say whether the mayor of Canada's largest city was drinking and driving last week.

Much like his younger brother, the Toronto councillor was tight-lipped about how Rob Ford got to and from the Steak Queen restaurant where the mayor was recorded ranting in Jamaican patois last week.

Rob Ford admitted he drank "a little bit" before the video was recorded, but also refused to apologize and told journalists he is entitled to a personal life.

A second video was also posted online last Tuesday which may show Rob Ford meeting with Alexander Lisi, a friend and an alleged drug dealer who is currently on bail.

Rob Ford hasn't addressed that video.

According to The Toronto Star, Doug Ford accused journalists on Tuesday of feeding on "this stuff" after he was asked if the mayor drove himself to and from the restaurant.

"You guys can work on the personal issues until Oct. 27 … but you're out of touch. You're out of touch with what the people care about. People don't care about that," he said. "What people care about … is making sure their taxes are low, that they have good employment here."

According to the National Post, Doug Ford also slammed Carol Wilding, president of the Toronto Region Board of Trade, for uninviting Rob Ford to its annual dinner on Monday.

Rob Ford showed up anyway, creating what one official called an extremely awkward situation.

"What the Board of Trade should be doing is working with all politicians. Carol Wilding decided not to. She's turning this into a little political game of hers," he said.

But questions about the possibility of Rob Ford drinking and driving are not exactly coming out of left field.

Rob Ford admitted in November that he may have gotten behind the wheel after drinking, an allegation contained in explosive court documents featuring police interviews with former staffers.

"Yeah, I might have had some drinks and driven," he said at the time, adding that he isn't perfect.

Then, just days later, Rob Ford mocked a fellow councillor during a heated council meeting for also consuming alcohol and driving in the past.

Cameras caught the mayor pantomiming drunk driving in an apparent dig at Councillor Paul Ainslie, who had his licence suspended for three days last May after he was stopped by a RIDE spot check.

The odd moment was quickly turned into a GIF by Chris Toman of

CBC News also revealed that Rob Ford was the subject of a city-wide alert last August after several people called police with concerns about his fitness to drive.

Rob Ford was at a barbecue at Sunnybrook Park attended by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and calls were made to Toronto Police after he got behind the wheel and left the event.

Rob Ford has filed his papers to run for re-election in October. Doug Ford is serving as his campaign manager.

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