Single On Valentine's Day Is The Best Feeling Ever

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This is why being single during V-day is the absolute BEST | Matin Bahadori via Getty Images

If you're tired of people feeling sorry for you or thinking you're miserable on the so-called day of love, we hear you.

Valentine's Day is supposed to be about couples, but for some reason it often gets turned into a day of reminding single people they're alone. But this year, instead of being hard on yourself or people-watching couples at dinner (we all do it), embrace being single and everything that comes with it.

Single means freedom, and just like any other holiday, there's something amazing about saving money, buying presents for yourself and not having to worry about surprising anyone else with some brilliant romantic idea.

Here are the best things about being single on Valentine's Day. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below:

  • The Holiday Of Love Is Upon Us And There's Often A Misconception About Single People Being Miserable On V-Day
    Wake us up on Feb. 15.
  • But Let's Get Some Things Straight — We're Not Angry At All
    We don't care what you think.
  • We Are Single And Fabulous. And This Is Why We Love V-Day
  • We Don't Have To Come Up With Lovey-Dovey Texts To Send In The Morning
    And we don't have to remember to do it either.
  • We Can Find Time To Snooze While You Romantic Folk Make Out
    Nothing like getting quality nap time. Alone.
  • We Never Have To Deal With Awkward And Sloppy Kisses
    Stop it.
  • We Don't Have To Spend Money On Materialistic Garbage For Someone Else
    Forget flowers, candy and chocolate. We can buy those for ourselves.
  • We Don't Have To Worry About Making Dinner Reservations
  • Because This Can Suffice As A Valentine's Day Dinner
    Pretty much all the food groups are included AND we're on budget.
  • Because We Don't Have To Be Tied Down To Hugging One Person
    We can hug strangers and nobody would get jealous.
  • We Can Buy Ourselves Sexy Lingerie
    And look amazing, obviously.
  • Roses? Pfft. We Can Buy Any Kind Of Flower We Want
    ANY day of the week.
  • We Don't Have To Worry About Making A Sappy Playlist For Anyone
    Nicki Minaj will do.
  • We Don't Have To Worry About What We Smell Like
    Because chances are we smell great anyways.
  • We Don't Have To Buy New Outfits Or Get Dressed That Day
    We can stay in our robes and socks.
  • And You Think We Care About Your Recreations Of Cheesy Rom Coms?
  • No We Don't. And That Was So 2004.
    And you are not Ryan Gosling.
  • Instead, We Will Spend The Day With The Person We Love The Most: Ourselves
    And possibly our moms.
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