01/30/2014 08:34 EST | Updated 04/01/2014 05:59 EDT

Did Justin Bieber promote his video from a police station?

About the same time he was being charged with assaulting a limousine driver, Canadian pop star Justin Bieber posted an Instagram video promoting his new video that some speculate may have been shot from inside a Toronto police station.  

CBC News first broke the story Wednesday afternoon that Bieber was heading to Toronto police's 52 Division to be officially charged for the Dec. 30 incident, in which a driver claims he was struck in the head.

The news prompted a crowd of fans, photographers and reporters to gather outside the downtown station, creating a frantic scene when Bieber arrived in a black SUV at around 7:30 p.m.

Following a phalanx of body guards and police officers, Bieber had to shove his way through a crowd of fans and photographers to get inside the police station.

Shortly after that, a video appeared on Bieber's Instagram account in which he promotes his new video Confident.

Though it's not entirely clear where the video was shot or when, the background is reminiscent of a police station interior.

"Is the camera on? Oh yeah it is," says Bieber in the video. "What's up guys? Justin here. Confident is out right now … so go get it, go look at it, go comment."

After he was officially charged, Bieber slipped out another door at the station and into a second SUV, different from the one he arrived in.

His next court appearance is March 10 at Toronto's Old City Hall courthouse.

The Toronto assault charge comes less than a week after Bieber was charged with driving under the influence and resisting arrest in Miami Beach.

CBC's Steven D'Souza was among the members of the media outside the Hazelton Hotel in downtown Toronto on Thursday morning, where Bieber is reported to have stayed on Wednesday night.

D'Souza reported no fans were outside the hotel and said it wasn't clear whether Bieber was still there.