01/30/2014 03:03 EST | Updated 04/01/2014 05:59 EDT

Wanted: Yukon family seeking 40-day adventure

A British television producer is looking for a Yukon family to take part in a new documentary series to air on the Discovery Channel. 

“The idea is to take one amazing, multi-generational family from the Yukon and transport them to the middle of nowhere to see if they could make it out there using their innate survival skills — taming the wild and conquering anything nature has to offer,” reads a pitch from the production company, Voltage, based in London, England.

“It’s a very exciting idea,” says Anshu Ahuja, a producer with Voltage. “It’s never been done before.

“Essentially we're looking for a really, really adventurous family, who's larger than life and with lots of family members who get on with each other very well and are happy,” she says.

Ahuja says the plan is to take the successful family out of their country, and transport them to a foreign country, and see if they can use the same survival techniques from back home.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for them to spend 40 days together on a great, wonderful holiday,” Ahuja says. “It would be hard work, but I imagine it would almost be second nature to some of these families that live in the Yukon.”

Ahuja would not reveal exactly what might happen to the family, or where they might go.

“It sort of all depends on the family. The first step is to find this amazing family and then take it from there.”

Here’s more of Voltage’s pitch:

We are seeking families with the pioneer spirit — a close-knit, adventurous family who will be able to survive off the grid, in extreme conditions and adapting to any environment. This is a great opportunity for one family with tons of personality to be at the forefront of a landmark new series for the Discovery Network.

We are looking for families who are born and bred in the Yukon who fit this description. We are looking for colourful personalities where adventure is part of their everyday life — from Grandma to grandson, everyone's a true survivor!

Yukon families who think this may be their chance at stardom are invited to email