It's been a wacky few days in the world of online video (and that's not counting any absurd new Rob Ford rants). The big videos this week had something for everyone, from cat-on-kid violence to exploding watermelons.

With the flood of Super Bowl commercials we'll be basking in this weekend, let's take a moment to look back at the five best videos you may have missed this past week.

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  • Cats Fighting Kids

    The timeless battle wages on.

  • Vintage Foods You Won't Believe Actually Existed

    You had us at "gelatin and mayo glaze".

  • 'Smart Bra' Claims To Only Unhook for 'True Love'

    This is a neat idea, but what happens when the bras become self-aware?

  • Plastic Surgery To Look Like Justin Bieber

    This is both terrifying and... terrifying.

  • Watermelon Explosion in Super Slow Motion

    There's an important lesson to learn here: you can get away with blowing up perfectly edible fruit as long as it's in super slow motion.

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  • Ylvis: 'The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)'

    In which a Norwegian comedy duo came to the world's attention with <a href="" target="_blank">the hit viral song of the year</a>, and enlightened us to what noise foxes actually make.

  • 'Don't Stop Believing' flash mob for retiring head teacher

    Roger Boddie was so beloved of his staff and pupils that they pulled <a href="" target="_blank">this heartwarming Glee-style prank</a> to honour him. No crying at the back!

  • Seeing her for the first time again

    A classic of the 'waking up from surgery' genre, <a href="" target="_blank">Jason Mortensen</a> can't believe his luck on learning that the beautiful woman standing over him is his wife.

  • Norwegian Army does the Harlem Shake

    This year's Silly Viral Video Craze spawned countless versions - but <a href="" target="_blank">the Norwegian Army one</a> was our favourite.

  • The NFL: A Bad Lip Reading

    Bad Lip Reading also brought us <a href="" target="_blank">a very funny take on Obama's inauguration</a> - but <a href="" target="_blank">this pipped it</a>, we feel. And trust us: you don't have to follow American football to find it hilarious.

  • Mercedes-Benz chicken advert

    Simple but brilliant. Was there ever <a href="" target="_blank">a finer advert</a> made involving chickens? We think not.

  • 'Mad Men' without smoking

    Created by the funny folk on the Ellen show, <a href="" target="_blank">this was very, very silly</a> - and very, very funny.

  • Bus Stop Dancing Queen

    She was waiting for a bus... and <a href="" target="_blank">she captured the world's heart</a>.

  • Home Depot flash mob marriage proposal

    Starring <a href="" target="_blank">Dustin, Spencer, their friends </a>and Betty Who's 'Somebody Loves You'. (Warning: might make you blub.)

  • Three's moonwalking Shetland pony

    The mobile phone provider combined majestic Scottish scenery, Fleetwood Mac's 'Everywhere' and a Shetland pony called Socks <a href="" target="_blank">to really rather wonderful effect</a>.

  • Bad British baseball commentary

    "Hello rounders fans!" Writer and comedian Anthony Richardson created <a href="" target="_blank">this slice of brilliance</a> - check out his <a href="" target="_blank">NBA with British commentary</a> too.

  • Dublin taxi driver dances to 'Get Lucky'

    Well, we couldn't not include some reference to The Song Of The Summer. And we couldn't not include <a href="" target="_blank">this marvellous video</a> of a woman and taxi driver dancing to it on the streets of Dublin.

  • Goats yelling like humans

    The <a href="" target="_blank">very funny, slightly terrifying compilation</a> that spawned dozens of <a href="" target="_blank">screaming goat pop videos</a>.

  • Construction workers react to Miley Cyrus's 'Wrecking Ball'

    "Excuse me! Ma'am! This is an active construction site!" For us, <a href="" target="_blank">this was hands-down the funniest response</a> to <em>that</em> pop video.

  • High school's lip dub of Katy Perry's 'Roar'

    It was done in one take, featured the entire school, and nearly everyone was walking backwards. <a href="" target="_blank">Impressive, uplifting stuff</a>, we're sure you'll agree.

  • 'I Quit' interpretive dance video

    Marina Shifrin quit her job by making <a href="" target="_blank">this video</a> - and when it went viral, <a href="" target="_blank">her bosses responded in kind</a>.

  • How animals eat their food

    "Want to see how animals eat their food?" Well, yes, it turns out. <a href="" target="_blank">The whole world did.</a>

  • NBA dance cam dance-off

    We're not sure who we loved most - the kid in the stands or the NBA usher who challenged him. Either way, <a href="" target="_blank">it was delightful</a>.

  • Chris Hadfield covers David Bowie's 'Space Oddity'

    The Canadian astronaut <a href="" target="_blank">said farewell to the International Space Station</a> in the way that all of us have dreamed of doing - if we were astronauts.

  • Oil ship crew lip dub Toto's 'Africa'

    We said these weren't in order. But this was definitely our number one, could-watch-it-over-and-over, <a href="" target="_blank">favourite, feelgood funny video</a> of the year. Thank you, crew of the Bourbon Peridot vessel, for helping to make 2013 just that little bit funnier, brighter and more delightful.