02/01/2014 06:59 EST | Updated 04/03/2014 05:59 EDT

Bruce McCulloch: Once young and drunk, still a punk

Bruce McCulloch, one of Canada's beloved Kids In The Hall, spoke with On The Coast's Stephen Quinn while in Vancouver performing his new stage show, Young Drunk Punk.

"It's sort of about this young punk who has grown up," he said, describing himself as a middle-aged man who writes in his pyjamas. "And, of course I'm still a punk in a sense."

The show takes combines stand-up, music, and autobiographical tales, taking the audience all they way back to McCulloch's youth, spent in Alberta.

"I sort of make fun of Calgary a little bit, but it formed me to be the tough little guy that I am now," he said, calling himself "one of the weird guys" in a what was then a town of cowboys.

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