02/01/2014 12:53 EST | Updated 04/03/2014 05:59 EDT

Twin boys born 8 days apart heading home to Bermuda

Twin boys from Bermuda born eight days apart last December in Halifax are finally heading home.

Since birth, Emyr and Esai Bean have been living at the IWK Health Centre. The pair made headlines because of their rare arrival.

The twins’ mother, Edonna Bean, said the boys are doing well, despite their scary entry into the world.

“It's amazing that we have reached a new year, the end of a new month, and the twins are thriving well,” she said.

The boys have come along way, now weighing four pounds and five and a half pounds each.

Little Emyr weighed less than two pounds at birth, born less than six months after conception.

“He has truly marvelled many doctors and medical staff. He's marvelled them in terms of just how well he has thrived,” said Bean.

Esai was born by C-section eight days later on Dec. 3, since then Bean has been living with her boys in the IWK. She's grateful for the care they've all received.

“I don't think that enough thank-yous can be said to the medical staff, both for myself as well as my sons,” she said.

She's also thankful for the training she received from medical staff over the months, allowing her to take a central role in her sons' care.

Bean’s husband Ryan had to stay in Bermuda for much of the family's ordeal.

“I am very proud to say that Ryan is my husband. I am very proud to say that Ryan is the father of my sons,” said Bean.

“I am a very proud dad, and a very proud husband, and a very blessed man,” said Ryan Bean.

The family will soon take a medevac flight back to their home in Bermuda. There, they'll stay in hospital for a while and then return home.

“Just to carry the car seats into the house, I genuinely don't know, but I'm looking forward to it,” said Bean.

“Just to be able see them peacefully under their roof in their home is definitely what I'm longing for.”

It'll be the couple’s first time all alone with their children.