02/04/2014 04:31 EST | Updated 04/06/2014 05:59 EDT

Could telecommuting work for you?

Maybe you've been thinking the daily commute to the office is just too long? Or maybe you'd rather not have to dress up in a suit everyday? Maybe you think telecommuting could work for you?

CBC Radio's Michelle Eliot talked to Sandra Reder, the president and founder of Vertical Bridge Corporate Consulting about what it really takes to make working from home work for you.

Reder offered these eight questions to ask yourself before you make the move.

1.Why do you want to telecommute? 

It's not enough to think working from home sounds cool. You should have a valid reason, like avoiding a long commute.

2.Does your job require you to physically be at work?  

"You really have to assess whether the job you do can be accommodated," says Redder.

3. Do you have a dedicated work space in your home? 

"You're setting yourself up for failure if you think you can work at your coffee table."

4.Are you comfortable with working alone?  

Are you a social person who enjoys interaction with colleagues?  

"As wonderful as it sounds, [telecommuting] can be very isolating," he warns.

5. Are you good at managing your own time? 

Are you easily distracted? 

"It can be very stressful when all of a sudden your deadline's there and you haven't done the work."

6. Does your family support you? 

You may need to find childcare even if you work from home.

7. Does your job require lots of collaboration? 

"It's hard to do over the phone and on Skype."

8. What stage is your career in?  

"Early on in your career, some of the best learning is from people around you."

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