Opening Ceremony Moments That Totally Creeped Us Out (PHOTOS)

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The Opening Ceremony for the Sochi Olympics was a tribute to Russian history and, well, creepiness.

Amid all the controversy over LGBT rights, corruption and stray dogs, more than a few moments at the ceremony left the audience feeling a little strange.

  • Wasn't Communism A Blast?
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  • We Built Great Monuments!
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  • And Held Massive Parades In Red Square!
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  • And Industrialized! ... And Starved Ukraine!
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  • And Here's The Ukrainian President Smiling Amid The Crackdown In Kiev
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  • But Forget Ukraine! We've Got Giant Stuffed Animals
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  • We've Got Thousands Of Nukes. Hurrah!
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  • Great To See The Head Of The UN Chilling With Putin
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  • Vladimir And The Head Of The IOC Are Best Buds
  • Kind Of North Korean... Right?
  • And Putin's Government Is Cool With Lesbians... As Long As They're Just Pretending
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  • Oh, And This Dog Will Probably Be Dead Soon
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As Usual, The Simpons Nailed It

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Sochi Olympic Opening Ceremony
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