02/24/2014 07:24 EST | Updated 04/26/2014 05:59 EDT

No warm weather in sight for rest of February

There's no use hoping for a warm spell at the end of this month, as the forecast appears to show a very frosty end to February.

Monday, as expected, was another cold day in Toronto. The temperatures recorded by Environment Canada at Pearson International Airport showed a high of –6 C during the daytime.

The city issued an extreme cold weather alert on Monday. The designation triggers additional services for the homeless to help ensure that those in need have a warm place to sleep.

For the overnight, Environment Canada was calling for the mercury to plummet to –14 C, with 30 km/h to 50 km/h winds making it feel even colder. There is also a risk of some flurries on Monday night.

The CBC's Ross Hull reports that there won’t be any major temperature swings toward the positive Celsius range anytime soon.

"For the rest of February … we're looking at cold conditions and into the weekend, too," Hull said Monday.

Hull said that Toronto has dealt with colder than usual temperatures for the past two months.

In January, the city would normally see an average of 13 days in which temperature stood at or above the freezing mark. This year, we had only eight.

In February, we would expect to see 14 days of temperatures in that range, but this year we had only six, Hull said.