Justin Bieber Arrest Video Released, Stumbles During Sobriety Test

02/26/2014 05:07 EST | Updated 02/26/2014 08:59 EST

Justin Bieber's "Baby" music video may have just hit one billion plays on Vevo, but there's another Bieber video that's now making the rounds: footage from his Miami arrest for DUI.

Billboard reports that AP and other media had been requesting videos of Bieber's arrests under Florida's public records law, and today the Miami-Dade County prosecutors released about 10 hours of footage.

Reportedly little of it actually features the Canadian pop star, but the clip above does show a hoodie-adorned Bieber trying to walk straight for a sobriety test and stumbling

The videos that show Bieber peeing into a cup for a drug test were (thankfully) not released.

But that's not all the bad news in Bieber Land. While the widely reported protest over him moving to Atlanta turned out to be a hoax, his bodyguard and driver were arrested and charged with felony theft after taking a paparazzo's camera and driving away with it.

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