02/26/2014 03:25 EST | Updated 04/28/2014 05:59 EDT

North Shore Rescue helps 2 Cypress snowboarders to safety

Two snowboarders are thanking North Shore Rescue after they got stuck near Cypress Mountain ski hill late Tuesday night.

One of the snowboarders, Anna, said she and her fellow snowboarder journeyed out-of-bounds but did not mean to go as far as they did. The pair was not dressed for the weather conditions or prepared for a long stay in the outdoors.

"You need to know the mountain," she said.

 "We weren't gonna go that far really. That wasn't the plan at all, definitely not. If there is a rope there, it is there for a reason."

North Shore Rescue search manager Douglas Pope said it took the team several hours to find the snowboarders. 

"They had been lost for several hours before they made the call, and put us in a difficult situation because it was already starting to get dark. We launched a helicopter to try and move rescuers in there, but they weren't successful."

Eventually, however, the pair was found and lead to safety. Anna says they will not go out-of-bounds again.

It was the fifth time in eight days the search and rescue team has been called to the ski hill.