02/27/2014 09:21 EST | Updated 04/29/2014 05:59 EDT

Dog with cancer gets bucket list for final days

When Coquitlam's Riina Cooke learned her 9-year-old boxer Romeo had inoperable bone cancer, she was devastated. 

"I was just so upset for a day or two," said Cooke. "I wanted to snap out of it."

"I thought, 'O.K., let's make it a good experience,'" she said.

So, Cooke created a bucket list for her best friend, and has been filling his last days with adventures.

Some of the highlights so far have been meeting Bif Naked (an animal lover and cancer survivor), catching a ride in a police car (and howling along to the siren), and drinking beer in a pub.

On Thursday, for Romeo's ninth birthday, he enjoyed a spa day, complete with a paw-dicure.

Cooke says the bucket list is as much about dealing with her grief, as it is about showing Romeo a good time.

"To me, he's my child," said Cooke. "I don't have children yet. He's my everything."

You can hear more about Romeo's story on the Early Edition, Friday morning at 7:50.