02/27/2014 06:24 EST | Updated 04/29/2014 05:59 EDT

Snowbirds will fly at U.S. air shows after all

Canada's famed Snowbirds squadron will be heading south for some American air shows after some higher-ups in Ottawa reversed a decision to cancel some appearances.

Earlier this month the aerobatic team, which is based at 15-Wing Moose Jaw, cancelled four shows in the US due to budget cuts.

On Thursday, a spokesperson said three of the dates are back on, and the fourth will likely follow. The spokesperson said the decision was made by senior officials in Ottawa.

According to the team's website, their first show will be at their home base in Moose Jaw.

Their first tour date is set for May 17 - 18, in the U.S. The team performs throughout the summer, across Canada, with a traditional stop in Ottawa on Canada Day.

It wraps up its tour in September, with two U.S. shows.