02/28/2014 07:36 EST | Updated 04/30/2014 05:59 EDT

Owners of domesticated 'wonder pig' plan to create sanctuary

The vegan owners of a domesticated swine known affectionately as 'Esther the Wonder Pig' will soon be looking for a new home to accommodate their growing needs.  

Steven Jenkins and Derek Walter of Georgetown, Ont., thought when they acquired Esther that she was a micro pig.

“We were only preparing ourselves for a mini pig so we had a litter box,” Walter said. “We certainly had the wool pulled over our eyes.”

Within months the piglet grew to almost 40 lbs, and now tips the scale at closer to 400 lbs.

Esther can open kitchen cupboards to get find food, and she even prompts her owners to let her in and out of the house.

The ‘wonder pig’ will even sit on command for a bit of candy.

The thought of giving up Esther has never crossed her owner’s minds and now they're preparing to sell their home to give the pig more space to roam.

“We want to open up a farm sanctuary of our own so we're actively looking for a property that suits our needs,” Walter said.

Click the video to see Ivy Cuervo’s report and meet Esther.