03/02/2014 10:41 EST | Updated 05/02/2014 05:59 EDT

Where do people want to go right now? 'The hot places'

This year’s long, cold and relentless winter is motivating people to put down the money to get out of town.

Charlotte Antill of Transat Holidays said that she has been seeing people decide to go south, even if they hadn’t been planning on doing so — because they are so sick of the cold.

And while many packages for March Break travel were sold in the fall, Antill said that any leftover opportunities are being snapped up quickly.

When speaking with CBC News, Antill said the winter-weary travellers she’s been speaking to simply want "heat and sun and fun."

The top destinations right now include Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

Basically "it's the hot places," Antill said.