B.C. map recreated to match Game of Thrones locations

03/03/2014 11:50 EST | Updated 05/03/2014 05:59 EDT
What would your city be if it was in Game of Thrones? That's the question Andrew Cuthbert asked himself when he created a map trying parallel the geography from Game of Thrones in British Columbia.

Cuthbert admited his comparisons are tongue-in-cheek in an interview with CBC Radio's Rick Cluff on The Early Edition. 

"The whole map is supposed to be a joke, so it's meant to be taken in good faith," said Cuthbert. 

Have a look through Cuthbert's comparisons. 

- Barrowtown: Hazleton - an unremarkable place centred around a hill.

- Castle Black: Fort Nelson - the last stop before the wall.

- Deepwood Motte: Dease Lake - a northern outpost no one seems to want to keep.

- Dragonstone: Whistler - where rich people go to play; famous for people riding things.

- Gulltown: Queen Charlotte City - a port city serving an isolated population.

- Hardhome: Stewart - poor stranded souls.

- Harrenbal: Ocean Falls - an abandoned place of past wealth.

- High Garden: Victoria - a city of rich people who really run the show; old money.

- Karhold: Smithers - a solid and loyal village, friend to the north.

- King's Landing: Vancouver - the economic capital of the region; full of the very rich and very poor.

- Lannisport: Kelowna - a town of riches populated by shallow blondes.

- Pyke: Prince Rupert - the home to a surly, wet and dirty people of the sea.

- Riverrun: Kamloops - not especially large; bordered by two rivers.

- Starfall: Hope - a gate protecting access to the east.

- Storm's End: Nanaimo - a bitter seaside town that doesn't get the recognition it feels it deserves.

- Sunspear: Osoyoos, an exotic and very hot locality; people have a love for wine. 

- The Dreadfort: Chetwynd - a cursed place.

- The Eyrie: Nelson - isolated by mountains; respected home to people who mean well but are crazy.

- The Twins: Barkerville - a local outpost run by an old man who loves gold.

- Torrhen's Square: Dawson Creek - a northern outpost capable of taking care of itself.

- White Harbour: Port Hardy - a major seaport servicing the north.