03/03/2014 11:50 EST | Updated 05/03/2014 05:59 EDT

B.C. map recreated to match Game of Thrones locations

What would your city be if it was in Game of Thrones? That's the question Andrew Cuthbert asked himself when he created a map trying parallel the geography from Game of Thrones in British Columbia.

Cuthbert admited his comparisons are tongue-in-cheek in an interview with CBC Radio's Rick Cluff on The Early Edition. 

"The whole map is supposed to be a joke, so it's meant to be taken in good faith," said Cuthbert. 

Have a look through Cuthbert's comparisons. 

- Barrowtown: Hazleton - an unremarkable place centred around a hill.

- Castle Black: Fort Nelson - the last stop before the wall.

- Deepwood Motte: Dease Lake - a northern outpost no one seems to want to keep.

- Dragonstone: Whistler - where rich people go to play; famous for people riding things.

- Gulltown: Queen Charlotte City - a port city serving an isolated population.

- Hardhome: Stewart - poor stranded souls.

- Harrenbal: Ocean Falls - an abandoned place of past wealth.

- High Garden: Victoria - a city of rich people who really run the show; old money.

- Karhold: Smithers - a solid and loyal village, friend to the north.

- King's Landing: Vancouver - the economic capital of the region; full of the very rich and very poor.

- Lannisport: Kelowna - a town of riches populated by shallow blondes.

- Pyke: Prince Rupert - the home to a surly, wet and dirty people of the sea.

- Riverrun: Kamloops - not especially large; bordered by two rivers.

- Starfall: Hope - a gate protecting access to the east.

- Storm's End: Nanaimo - a bitter seaside town that doesn't get the recognition it feels it deserves.

- Sunspear: Osoyoos, an exotic and very hot locality; people have a love for wine. 

- The Dreadfort: Chetwynd - a cursed place.

- The Eyrie: Nelson - isolated by mountains; respected home to people who mean well but are crazy.

- The Twins: Barkerville - a local outpost run by an old man who loves gold.

- Torrhen's Square: Dawson Creek - a northern outpost capable of taking care of itself.

- White Harbour: Port Hardy - a major seaport servicing the north.