03/04/2014 06:47 EST | Updated 05/04/2014 05:59 EDT

Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel Live: 5 funniest moments

Some expected Jimmy Kimmel to give Rob Ford a rough ride on his show Monday night and though Toronto's mayor received his share of ridicule, it was far from an evisceration. Here are some of the funniest moments during Ford's appearance on the show, which you can see here.

- The best line came during Kimmel's intro, before Ford appeared. Kimmel said: "At some point tonight, I'll yell 'Kool-Aid,' and [Ford] will come busting through the wall." This was a reference to Kool-Aid ads like this one:

- Right away, Kimmel got some digs at Ford's attire, a black suit with a red tie and matching red pocket square: "Why are you dressed like a magician?" he asked. He then suggested that if Ford had more gay friends, they wouldn't have let him wear the red tie.

- In mid-interview, Kimmel dabbed Ford's sweat-speckled forehead and suggested he would sell the used tissue on eBay or use the DNA to clone more Fords.

- Kimmel expressed glee that Ford actually accepted his invitation to the show. "I picked you up at the airport! I don't even pick my mother up at the airport."

- Ford, trying to explain his practice of personally responding to phone calls, said he "jumps" when taxpayers call. Kimmel responded: "Realistically though, how high can you really jump?"