03/08/2014 05:14 EST | Updated 05/08/2014 05:59 EDT

Sasquatch lore reaches back far into B.C.'s past

The hairy beast known as sasquatch in Canada — or Bigfoot in the U.S. — has enjoyed a place in B.C. lore for centuries.

Tales or encounters originate from time immemorial, when the Chehalis people talked of a hairy ape-like creature living in the forest near Harrison Lake. In the 1890s, a sasquatch was reportedly trapped and put on display on Vancouver Island, before being returned to the woods.

And, in 1984, a B.C. man named Gord Flanders told CBC News he saw one and heard it growl while riding in a truck near Harrison.

CBC's Tim Weekes takes a look back at sasquatch through B.C. history in this week's Rewind video segment. Click on the image above to watch.