03/10/2014 08:32 EDT | Updated 05/10/2014 05:59 EDT

Time to relax the rules for Toronto’s food trucks?

City staff say it’s time that Toronto consider relaxing the rules for food trucks.

Some of the proposed changes include letting food trucks operate in places where paid parking is available and removing the current 10-minute limit on vending in private parking lots.

Staff would like to see council vote on this in April, so that changes could be implemented by this summer.

Coun. Cesar Palacio, the chair of the city’s licensing and standards committee, believes that some of his colleagues are supportive of the proposed changes.

"There’s quite a bit of appetite, not only from the industry, but also from members of council," he said.

Under the proposed changes, food trucks would be prohibited from operating within 50 metres of an open restaurant.

Carleton Grant, the director of policy and strategic support for the city’s municipal licensing and standards division, said that a 50-metre limit falls somewhere in the middle of what other cities require.

"We feel that 50 [metres] is a fair separating distance. Other cities are 25 [metres], other cities are 60 [metres] ," Grant said.

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