03/12/2014 11:58 EDT | Updated 05/12/2014 05:59 EDT

Canucks meltdown: Fans sound off on who's to blame

Yesterday we asked for your input on what decision over the last 12 months most impacted the Vancouver Canucks' current tailspin, a 6-17-3 mark in 2014, underlined by a 7-4 loss to the Islanders on Monday.

More than 5,350 votes were cast, and here is what you said:

7th: Not trading Ryan Kesler at the deadline — 2 per cent

6th: Trading Roberto Luongo — 8.4 per cent

5th: Extending the Sedins for 4 years ​— 10.8 per cent

4th: Other ​— 11.05 per cent

3rd: Firing AlainVigneault — 16.49 per cent

​2nd: Hiring John Tortorella ​— 22.71 per cent

And the biggest do-over moment for the Canucks in the past year, according to you:

1st: Trading Cory Schneider ​— 28.52 per cent

So why did people vote the way they did?

Here's a sample of  fan reaction:

aussiewannabee: "I voted for 'other' in the poll above. Hiring Gillis was the worst thing the Canucks have done in the last 15 years. The man is in over his head."

BubbaBaxter​: "You can't blame Torts for this. No coach in the world could make a team of 'who?' players like those who have been snatched off the streets to fill sweaters look like they belonged in the NHL. Mike Gillis is the one, the 'only' reason why this team is tanking in such spectacular fashion."

rvt_BC​: "Another entry — the Aquilini's meddling as de facto GMs... [They] need to leave hockey decisions to those they've hired to make them!"

dieter254: "Doesn't matter about the rest of the season, Gillis and Torts have to go! Would be nice to have Schneid or Lu to backstop the team next year, but the core of the team is still there to be great again."

Kratos79​: "I think there are two things I would say doomed the Canucks. One was trading Schneider. Two was signing the Sedins. The Sedins have never played well in the playoffs where it mattered. I would've traded the Sedins and built a team around Kesler as captain."

Will all the negativity following a terrible start to the year, hope still springs eternal for at least one fan:

radar17: "I think we've got a pretty good shot at the Cup this year. Signed, Diehard Fan."

And with that, we want to ask you another question: