03/14/2014 03:38 EDT | Updated 05/18/2014 05:59 EDT

Arcade Fire's Win Butler Says Quebec Should Be Wary Of French-Style Secularism

Arcade Fire's lead vocalist Win Butler says racial tensions in France should serve as a warning to Quebec that that country's approach to secularism is not a good example to follow.

The Montreal-based musician made the comments in an exclusive interview with CBC News: The National.

"I've spent a lot of time in France, and I don't think that France is necessarily [the country] I would model my charter of anything after, because they have some major race problems and some major conflict there," Butler said.

He said he was optimistic for the future of Montreal and Quebec, despite all the controversy surrounding the Parti Québécois's proposed secular charter.

"I've got an incredible amount of faith in Quebec, and I'm not planning on leaving there anytime soon," he said.

Marois has pointed to the French model in the past as a reference point for her own secular charter.

In an interview with Montreal's French-language newspaper Le Devoir last year, Marois said England's policy of multiculturalism has led to people "beating each other up and setting off bombs." 

At the time, she said France's model was a better example, although she acknowledged it "isn’t perfect."

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