03/19/2014 09:27 EDT | Updated 05/19/2014 05:59 EDT

Drunk women force Yellowknife-Kugluktuk flight to turn back

A Canadian North plane was turned around mid-flight last week because of two women who were reportedly drunk and unruly.

The incident occurred during an afternoon flight from Yellowknife to Kugluktuk on March 13.

Scott Weatherall is with Canadian North.

He won't say exactly what kind of unruly behaviour that was.

The crew believes the women snuck bottles of alcohol aboard and were drinking in the washrooms.

He says the flight had to turn around and go back to Yellowknife.

"Usually it's unruly to passengers,” Weatherall said. “I did not hear of any particular threats, but when they become unruly or disruptive to our overall passengers on board... in those particular instances, we just have to ensure the safety of our passengers."

Weatherall said it costs about $20,000 to turn a plane around and it delayed passengers by about four hours.

Nunavut RCMP say mischief charges have been laid against two women.

Weatherall said a similar incident happened just the day before, also on a flight from Yellowknife to Kugluktuk, when crew members believe another woman snuck alcohol aboard and became intoxicated.

In that case the flight is said to have reached its destination.

Weatherall said the woman was questioned by police upon arrival, but wasn't charged.