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More Signs You Grew Up In Vancouver In The '80s

We took a trip down memory lane with 34 Signs You Grew Up In Vancouver In The '80s, but many of you let us know that we missed many other markers of your youth.

We hear ya.

We overlooked some obvious newsmakers like Terry Fox, and some not-so-obvious but still memorable events like the bathtub races.

So we hope you enjoy, "More Signs You Grew Up In Vancouver In The '80s":

  • You were glued to the THRILLING marine and environmental adventures of the Roberts family.
    The Vancouver Aquarium never looked so exciting.
  • You rode the miniature train through Fantasy Garden.
    Flickr: Arbron
    It's no wonder "The X-Files" shot a freaky episode here. That was one weird place, dude.
  • Terry Fox inspired you.
  • Coolest. Restaurant. Ever.
    Rebecca Bollwitt/Miss604
    'Nuff said.
  • Princess Diana came for Expo '86.
    Royal Gossip Forum
  • That denim store in Chinatown...
    ... for all your acid wash denim needs.
    We hear these might be coming back into fashion any day now.
  • You stayed up to watch Terry David Mulligan on "Good Rockin' Tonite."
    The original Ryan Seacrest.
  • You always wondered that this meant.
  • You skipped your heart out to raise money for Jump Rope For Heart.
  • Nasty, pink fluoride pills.
    The low-light of every school day.
  • CFOX was the only radio station worth listening to.
    If you weren't tuned into LG73.
  • You watched this on TV.
  • You watched bathtub races at Kits Beach.
    Trent Whaley/Wikimedia Commons
    Until the Sea Fest went kaput.
  • The Vancouver Indy was a really, really big deal.
    This was back when advertising by tobacco companies was OK.
  • Three words: Biff and Bart.
    Ok, two more words: Zig Zag.
  • The Demolition Derby was the best part of the PNE.

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