04/11/2014 11:44 EDT | Updated 06/11/2014 05:59 EDT

Vancouver's Vaisakhi parade: 4 things to know before you go

Vancouver's annual Vaisakhi parade takes place Saturday and the traditional Sikh festival attracts thousands of spectators across Metro Vancouver. If you've never been to Vaisakhi before, here's three things to know about the festivities.

1. Free Festive Feast: Vaisakhi is known for the range of festive food available throughout the parade route. Don't bother eating beforehand since both your sweet tooth and taste for savoury will be satisfied by jelabis and pakoras galore. 

2. Cross-Cultural Explosion: Despite being a Sikh festival, the Vaisakhi parade plays hosts to many different ethnic groups who take an active role in the parade. 

3. Musical Extravaganza: Whether it be the dhol, a traditional double headed drum, or the tumbi, a Punjabi string instrument, there's no shortage of traditional Punjabi playing throughout the parade. 

4. Time and place:  Vancouver's Vaisakhi parade starts at 10:30 AM P.S.T at the Ross Street Gurdwara Temple at 8000 Ross St. The parade route runs through Main Street, South East Marine Drive, and 49th Avenue. 

For those who miss it, or want more, there is a second even-larger Vaisaki parade the following weekend in Surrey.