04/14/2014 11:53 EDT | Updated 06/14/2014 05:59 EDT

Vancouver School Board eyes November week break

The Vancouver School Board is considering giving students a week off school in November in order to deal with a budget deficit of more than $13 million.

Chair Patti Bacchus says closing schools for an additional three days was part of a package proposed by district managers as they wrestle with the deficit.

"There was already Remembrance Day and one closure day in the calendar month that we adopted a month or two ago. Now they are proposing we take that whole week in November," said Bacchus.

The VSB is also looking at cutting its elementary school band program, but Bacchus says everything is just a proposal at this point and public hearings begin tomorrow night.

Parents wait outside Lord Roberts Annex in Vancouver at the end of a school day were not too happy with the idea of a week off school next November, including Tracy Stevens, who said she would have to give up work.

"Nobody wants a tile setter from 10 until two. It's just not a viable option, so there are a lot of families that I think will feel the financial crunch to pay for extra day care or take time off work."

Parent Eric Saczuk said it's wrong to be saving money by keeping children out of school.

"Kids deserve everything. If we are going to invest in anything, we should be investing in our kids."