What started as a family vacation on board a Virgin Airlines flight ended with the arrest of a British couple's daughter who reportedly abused cabin crew after they allegedly broke up her attempt to have sex on a plane.

The incident took place on board an 11-hour flight from London to Las Vegas last week. During the flight, passengers began hearing loud, sexual noises coming from the plane's bathroom. Airline staff forced open the door where they interrupted the two passengers' induction to the Mile High Club.

The woman, who passengers describe was in her 20s and travelling with her parents from London, was seen "getting heated with the guy next to her," the Sun, a British tabloid reports.

The woman was then handcuffed to a seat after she started verbally abusing crew members. Both the Daily Mail and New York Daily News describe the British woman as "drunk" during the ordeal.

The woman was eventually questioned by U.S. authorities once the plane landed in Vegas. She was later released without any charges.

This isn't the first time frisky fliers have had a run-in with the law. Back in January, Alicia Lander, a Nova Scotia woman, was arrested at Halifax Stanfield International Airport after she allegedly had sex with another passenger on board an Air Canada flight.

When Lander was confronted by RCMP, police say she kicked an officer. She was then charged with committing an indecent act.

While there aren't any official numbers as to how many passengers have had sex on a plane, an online survey of 1,000 travellers found 9 per cent of them admitted to being intimate on a plane at least once, the CBC reports.

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