There's a reason Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi is considered one of the best Canadian politicians on Twitter.

He's informative, engaging, and not afraid to speak his mind. But, perhaps most importantly, he knows how to handle the haters.

Check out what happened Monday night after one disgruntled constituent tried to insult the mayor on Twitter.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi Gracefully Handles a Hater !

Let this be a lesson to everyone – if you come to battle Nenshi, come prepared (or at least with a dictionary in hand.)

Check out more tweets from the social media superstar:

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  • Loves to dance.

  • The only mayor to tweet from a horse in the history of the universe? Likely.

  • Getting saucy with the haters. In response to a tweet that read: "@nenshi I hope you won't cry when you're not reelected, because you won't be, now people know you're an extreme lefty #yyccc #roft"

  • On Halloween costume ideas in Calgary.

  • Points for dipolmacy. The winter weather in Calgary usually sucks.

  • On being the Sexiest Man in Calgary, as awarded by<a href=""> FFWD Weekly</a>.

  • Trying new things...AND has a secret girlfriend!

  • Confused? Read <a href="">this</a>.

  • Click on the picture. So worth it.

  • In response to a tweet that read: "Hey @nenshi what's the point of the ridiculously expensive bridge again? What does it signify?"

  • Confused again? Read<a href=""> this</a>.

  • Fan of teh kittehs, he be.

  • Again. Cats.

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