Have you ever felt that having children might put your cool factor at risk? Can you still be a rock star if you’re a mom?

If you're unsure of the answer, look no further than this list of seriously rad women who prove without a doubt that being a mom doesn't mean you can't be one of the coolest ladies in rock, pop or R&B.

In the spirit of Mother's Day this coming weekend, here's a look at the 14 coolest moms in the world of music today.

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  • Madonna

    Say what you want about Madonna, but if you’re talking about the coolest moms in music that are still active today, Madonna is one of them. Madonna set the standard for women in pop music in terms of sound and style and continues to be an icon and inspiration today. And she seems to have passed that coolness onto her son, David Banda.

  • Adele

    How cool would it be if Adele was your mom? The British singer and new mother is currently one of the best singers in the world, one of the best -selling solo artists in years, and coolest of all she manages to not care what anyone thinks of her. Plus, she just spent nearly $30,000 on a playhouse.

  • Kimya Dawson

    Kimya Dawson has always been one of indie rock’s most distinctive characters. She’s also an indie rock mom. The former Moldy Peaches member and current solo artist lives by her own unique style and one of a kind voice. She’s managed to keep a firm grasp on being cool in motherhood while releasing a kid’s album and for some reason working with Third Eye Blind.

  • Bjork

    Bjork may be a 48-year-old mother of two, but that doesn't change the fact that she has always been one of the coolest artists in music. Her music continues to be unique and cutting-edge, and she manages to keep a massive fan base that spans all genres.

  • Shakira

    Shakira became a mother last year for the first time after giving birth to her son Milan. She continues to be one of the most prominent women in music today with a successful international pop career, a judging gig on "The Voice," commercial work and a strong passion for philanthropy. She seems to be one cool, down-to-earth lady.

  • Alicia Keys

    Alicia Keys had her first child with her husband Swizz Beatz a few years back. Keys continues to be one of the coolest, most successful and most respected pop and R&B artists around today.

  • Amy Millan (Stars)

    Stars' Amy Milan is one of Canada's coolest indie rock moms. Aside from parental duties with her partner and fellow Stars band member Evan Cranley, Milan continues to front the band, has a solo career and gives a little vocal love to Broken Social Scene if duty calls.

  • Jennifer Hudson

    Jennifer Hudson is only 32 and the classy mother and singer has already won a Grammy, an Oscar and a Golden Globe just to name a few of her accolades. How cool is that? Guess losing 'Idol' wasn't such a biggie.

  • Christina Aguilera

    Christina Aguilera is a mom and also one of the biggest and most notorious pop stars of our generation. Xtina has always been a household name with her cool bad girl image, her music, sex appeal, raunchiness and recent run as a judge on "The Voice."

  • Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez is a mother of a twin boy and girl and is still one of the biggest names in entertainment. Aside from a successful music career, Lopez is also an actress, producer, fashion trendsetter and continues to be one of the most popular judges of all time on "American Idol."

  • Britney Spears

    Aside from a messy 2007, Britney Spears has always been one of the biggest names in music. The masses still love the mother of two's image and her music. Her fans continue to pour out in drones to support her massive live shows, even if she's not really singing at them.

  • Pink

    Pink is one cool rock star trapped in the pop genre. But she doesn't seem to care at all. The outspoken singer and mother puts on a killer live show that is raw, edgy and incredible to watch. She seems to just get bigger, better and more popular with age.

  • Gwen Stefani

    There's no question about whether or not Gwen Stefani is a cool mom. She embodies it. Heck, she even won a <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/20/coolest-music-moms-iheart-radio-survey-gwen-stefani-beyonce_n_3306158.html?utm_hp_ref=canada-music&ir=Canada%20Music" target="_blank">coolest mom award</a>! Stefani has earned respect as a rock star with her band No Doubt as well as being a successful pop solo artist. Stefani comes across with a diva-free attitude and is always cutting edge with her fashion.

  • Beyonce

    But we'd argue the coolest mom in music today is Beyonce (and not just because we don't wanna be killed by the <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/04/the-beygency-snl_n_5263236.html?utm_hp_ref=canada-music&ir=Canada%20Music" target="_blank">Beygency</a>). Blue Ivy's mama is the biggest and coolest female pop star in the world right now. She is a fashion trendsetter, a Grammy winner and a singer that is adored and respected by the masses all over the world.

  • Best Mom Songs

  • 20. Elvis Presley, "Mama Liked The Roses"

    Elvis loved his mother Gladys so fiercely that when she died of a heart attack in 1958, the inconsolable 23-year-old clutched her coffin at the funeral, sobbing "Goodbye, darling. I love you so much. I lived my whole life just for you." A decade later, he recorded this powerful tribute that shows how a mother's love endures. Standout Mom Lyric: "Oh, mama liked the roses in such a special way / We bring them every mother's day and put them on her grave"

  • 19. Christina Aguilera – "Oh Mother"

    Christina Aguilera's tribute to her mom called "Oh Mother" is a song about how her mom took Christina and herself away from Aguilera's abusive father. She thanks her mom for her bravery and saving their family. Standout mom lyric: "So mother, I thank you. For all that you've done and still do. You got me. I got you. Together we always pull through."

  • 18. The-Dream – "Mama"

    Singer and mega-producer The-Dream wrote a tribute to his mom as a memory of her passing away. The song finds The-Dream singing lovingly about memories with his mom and wishing she were still alive. Of course, all of this is done in auto-tune. Standout mom lyric: "It was you that broke me through. You were everything I ever knew. If I could bring you back, I'd do it in a split second, no if, ands or buts."

  • 17. Ozzy – "Mama I'm Coming Home"

    In all fairness, Ozzy's "Mama I'm Coming Home" is a song about his wife Sharon whom he refers to as "mama." But the mom sentiment is still present and sweet in a different way since she's the mother of their two children. Standout mom lyric: “I've seen your face a thousand times. Everyday we've been apart.”

  • 16. Talib Kweli – "Momma Can You Hear Me"

    In "Momma Can You Hear Me," Talib Kweli rhymes about how his mom always lifts him up when he's doubting himself and helps him when he needs it. He also loves her home cooking. Standout mom lyric: "And I wonder 'Momma can you hear me?' When I'm doubting myself. My lips tight, but my body language's shouting for help. You feed my soul with home cookin' ain't no doubt of the smell. That's my momma!"

  • 15. Good Charlotte – "Thank You, Mom"

    Punk-poppers Good Charlotte may have always dressed in black, got pierced and wore their eyeliner, but they were still some serious mama's boys. Joel and Benji wrote a song called "Thank You, Mom" as a tribute to everything their mother gave them. Standout mom lyric: "I said I thank you, I'll always thank you. More than you would know, than I could ever show. And I love you. I'll always love you. There's nothing I won't do, to say these words to you. That you're beautiful forever."

  • 14. Peter Pan "Your Mother and Mine"

    The whole story of Peter Pan revolves around the importance of mothers -- that was why the Lost Boys needed Wendy, after all -- and that theme is most fully realized in this classic song. Standout mom lyric: "What makes mothers all that they are? / Might as well ask, "What makes a star? / Ask your heart to tell you her worth /Your heart will say 'Heaven on earth'"

  • 13. Kanye West – "Hey Mama"

    Over the years, Kanye has always made it clear that the most inspiring person in his life was his mother Donda. They had an incredible bond before she passed away back in 2007. Kanye wrote a sweet tribute to Donda called "Hey Mama" and it proves that Kanye isn't always a jerk. Standout mom lyric: "Can't you see you're like a book of poetry? Maya Angelou, Nicky Giovanni. Turn one page and there's my mommy."

  • 12. John Lennon – "Mother"

    John Lennon's "Mother" is a sad song written about both of his parents. Lennon's father left him when he was a baby and his mother was tragically killed in a car accident when he was a teenager. It's a sad song that should remind us about how lucky we are for the love and presence of our parents. Standout mom lyric: "Mother, You had me, I never had you. I wanted you but you didn't want me."

  • 11. Taylor Swift – "The Best Day"

    If any artist is going to write a really good gushy song about how much they love their mom, it has to be Taylor Swift right? In "The Best Day," Taylor took a break from writing songs about boys to write a cute song about how her mom is her best friend and has always been by her side. Standout mom lyric: "I know you were on my side even when I was wrong. And I love you for giving me your eyes. For staying back and watching me shine."

  • 10. Backstreet Boys – "The Perfect Fan"

    Sorry ladies, but the Backstreet Boys' perfect fan is their moms. Back in 1999, the boys dedicated "The Perfect Fan" from their "Millennium" album to their mothers to show all of their appreciation for the love and support they were given growing up. Standout mom lyric: "You showed me how to care. And you showed me that you would always be there. I wanna thank you for that time and I'm proud to say you're mine." How sweet.

  • 9. Carrie Underwood – "Mama’s Song"

    Carrie Underwood provides a little country flair on a mother's day tribute song. The former "American Idol" winner penned a tune about her love for her mama with "Mama's Song" in which she sings about how her mom gave her everything she needed to become a lady. Standout mom lyric: "Mama, you taught me to do the right things. So now you have to let your baby fly. You've given me everything that I will need. To make it through this crazy thing called life."

  • 8. Snoop Dogg – "I Love My Mama"

    Snoop Dogg loves his mom so much that he showed his soft side by writing "I Love My Mama," a song that sees the Doggfather recounting how much his mother gave him and the love and appreciation he feels for her. Standout mom lyric: "Took me to school the first day. Taught me how to kneel down and pray. You learned me how to count from one to ten. And never forget, where I've been, momma.

  • 7. LL Cool J – "Mama Said Knock You Out"

    In LL Cool J’s comeback song from the early 90’s, he proves that his mama calls the shots and has his back. Standout mom lyric: "I'm gonna knock you out! Mama said knock you out!"

  • 6. Lonely Island - "Mama"

    Sure, "Motherlover" is more famous and specifically about Mother's Day, but Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake's "switcheroo" is kinda creepy. So we went with their hilarious parody of hip-hop mom songs. Standout mom lyric: "Ah Mama / And when it was cold outside you kept us warm and held us down... [Mom] Hi boys, who wants a snack? [Andy] MOM, GET OUT WE'RE IN THE STUDIO! [Jorma] OH MY GOD! [Mom] Just checking on my guys! [Jorma] GET OUT OF HERE! [Andy] WE'RE MAKING A TRACK YOU IDIOT! [Mom] Oooohhh! [Andy] JUST LEAVE! [Mom] Okie doke

  • 5. Boyz II Men – "A Song for Mama"

    Boyz II Men recognize that it's their moms who have always been the best women in their lives in "A Song for Mama." The boys sing a heartfelt tribute to their moms recognizing how they were always the driving force of support and love. Standout mom lyric: "You were there for me to love and care for me. When skies were grey. Whenever I was down. You were always there to comfort me."

  • 4. Drake - "Look What You've Done (Take Care)"

    Drake's "Look What You've" done is a candid song for a mother, aunt and grandmother. It is the grand slam for a Mother's Day playlist. Drake sings about the tough times that he went through with the women in his life and how they always stood by him and helped him become the man he is. The song also ends with a special voice mail from his grandmother. Standout mom lyric: "You knew that I was gonna be something. When you're stressed out and you need something, I got you."

  • 3. Spice Girls - "Mama"

    Back in 1997, Mel B came up with the idea for the Spice Girls to write a tribute song for their moms. The result was "Mama," which the girls sing about how at the end of the day, no matter how much they fight, their moms are the best friends they have. Standout mom lyric: "Back then, I didn't know why. Why you were misunderstood. So now I see through your eyes. All that you did was love."

  • 2. Tupac Shakur - "Dear Mama"

    Even Tupac has a mom song! The rap legend wrote a tribute song to his mom Afeni Shakur who birthed him just a month after getting out of jail. The message of "Dear Mama" is to let Afeni know that Pac appreciates her. Standout mom lyric: "And there's no way I can pay you back. But my plan is to show you that I understand you are appreciated. Lady, don'tcha know we love ya? Sweet lady. And dear mama place no one above ya, sweet lady."

  • 1. Mr. T – "Treat Your Mother Right"

    There may be no other mother inspired songs that are quite as passionate about treating your mother right like this Mr. T tune. T loves his mom. A lot. He laid his passion for treating mothers like the queens they are in this awful sounding but sweet sentiment tribute. Standout mom lyric: "She's a queen. Second to none. Take care of Mother. You only get one."