Forget the hints and consumer surveys: tapping into what mothers really want for Mother's Day on Sunday, May 11, is just as simple as asking.

Moms do it all. From making school lunches to cheering us from the bleachers to being our guides and mentors, one day of the year never seems like enough to thank Mom for everything has done for us. And as Mother's Day coincides with fancy brunches and gifts, sometimes, moms just wants the basics.

They want to sleep in (past 7 a.m.), eat breakfast in bed and most importantly, spend as much quality time as they can with their kids. And alone. Let's not pretend that's not important too.

And while listening to the soundtrack of "Frozen" too many times or not getting enough pictures (or selfies) with their kids seem like trends in 2014, we hope all moms can squeeze a few of these requests in on their special day, and throughout the year.

We asked moms across Canada what they REALLY want for Mother's Day this year. If you want to participate, please add your own slide below or email

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  • Maryanne Lechleiter, Cloverdale, B.C. "Truly nothing but some downtime with my family. Well, maybe a genuine hug and 'I love you' from my teenage girl too!"

  • Rachel Berger (with my co-mom and wife, Nitika Dosaj) with identical twins Rohan and Naveen, Montreal "What I really want for Mother's Day is for all Canadians to be supported in their choice to become parents when they're ready — which means abortions are free, legal and easily accessible, and that artificial reproductive technologies be offered safely and widely to ALL Canadians through provincial health coverage."

  • Erica "This year is a year full of firsts for our family. The first Christmas without dad. The first Valentine's Day without my husband. A wedding without the head of our family. And now Mother's Day. My children have been so incredible, I cannot imagine kids that are more loving and more caring than mine. For Mother's Day this year I have one wish. That we can begin to heal, to not worry about the future, to find out what life holds for us, to embrace this new normal and to be happy again."

  • Laila Hussein. Stoney Creek, Ont. "I asked my kids for Mother's Day to get me a gold necklace or a wedding ring. I had to sell my wedding ring to provide for my family."

  • Dana Lerner, Toronto "I always thought for my first Mother's Day I would really want some bling. But actually, I really want a dining room table because that's where the memories happen."

  • Dina M. Kulik, Toronto "My kids to be happy and healthy and for them to have an extra long sleep in on Mother's Day."

  • Amanda Close, Winnipeg "You mean besides watching 'Frozen' for the 100th time?!? What I'd really love is nap, a massage, and personally, I'd totally be happy with cliche chocolates! I should also add to my list: a photo with my kids. You can't tell by my picture but I actually have three kids. Do you know how hard it is to get all three kids smiling for the camera at the same time?!"

  • Denise Diamantopoulos, Montreal "What I really want for Mother's Day is a day to myself, no cooking, no cleaning, no activities, no driving, no dog just me, lazing around the house alone....dinner bought!" Here is a picture of me and my 14-year-old daughter, Patricia.

  • Rebecca Zamon, Toronto "What I really want for Mother's Day is a meal plan for the next month. Seriously — how do parents do it? I'd also like to make a request for all moms to get pictures of themselves with their kids. If you're lucky enough to wake up to smiles like this, make sure you have a permanent record of it!"

  • Nora Loreto, Quebec City "As a new mom, here's my Mother's Day wish: For all mothers to be able to access childcare that is affordable, close to home and safe. As a freelance writer, I can't tell you how much I'd love to have this myself and I know most other mothers need it too."

  • Deanna Cogdon Miller, Halifax "I want to be woken up with cuddles and kisses. I want homemade cards and drawings. I want a long quiet uninterrupted shower. I want to enjoy a hot coffee in one sitting rather than one that has had to be re-heated seven times. I want a family outing where everyone is happy about where we’re going, there are no requests for snacks and everyone miraculously has to pee at the same time versus in 10 minute intervals. Then I want a few hours alone in the house where I feel absolutely no guilt or obligation to do anything other than crossword puzzles. Finally, I’d end the day with a family dinner, more snuggles and a conversation with the kids about how lucky I feel that I get to be their Mom (and then of course they’d all just hop in their beds and fall quietly asleep on their own)."

  • Andree Lau, Vancouver "I'd like to have a long, luxurious brunch with the weekend newspapers spread before me, at some trendy place that is likely small and crowded and requires lining up. But since I know that's not going to happen, I would settle for a sleep-in, and a morning with no whining."

  • Sehar Saadullah, Toronto "What I REALLY want for Mother's Day: I want to take a step back from all the diaper changes, loads of laundry, etc. and really be in the moment. I want a moment to simply enjoy being a wife to my amazing husband and a mom to my two wonderful boys."

  • Wendy Beales, Toronto "What I really want for Mother's Day is a future-planned crafty (time for me) workshop, so I can reconnect with my inner crafter. And some final day Premiership football watching followed by an afternoon picnic in the park with my lovely fellas. Ah yes!"

  • Elizabeth Boylan, Whistler, B.C. "What I REALLY want this Mother’s Day is for the Nigerian mothers to be reunited with the 276 daughters who were abducted to be sold into slavery."

  • Dahlia Tessler, Toronto "What I really want for my first Mother's Day is some time to relax!"

  • Lisa Canning, Toronto "What I really want is a new sectional sofa to fit my growing family!"

  • Jane Harnish, New Glasgow, N.S. In this picture are 23-year old Holly and 21-year-old Timothy. "What I REALLY want for Mother's Day this year is to spend the afternoon cleaning my car with BOTH of my children. It generates great conversation, slows us all down to the same pace (I'm a shift-working mom with two university students who work and study 40 minutes away from home). We are so busy with life and this task seems to allow us to converse, laugh, share and discuss things. I love it."

  • Abby, Toronto "What I want for Mother's Day is a day without having to: Wipe someone's bum. jump up while I'm eating to get something for someone. share my bed with cold little feet and Caillou on the iPad while I'm trying to sleep in, listen to that despicable song from Frozen one more time, yell or swear or play referee while my husband sits on the couch on his BlackBerry and pretends not to hear, listen to whining, and to top it off, I want to big coconut cake and a shopping spree at Nordstrom. Hey, I don't ask for much, do I?"

  • Katie Edwards, Calgary "What I Really Want for Mother's Day: SPRING."

  • Leanne, Toronto "If I'm being completely honest, what I would like most for Mother's Day is to be completely alone. I'd like to sleep in, uninterrupted, until at least 2 p.m.. I would like tulips, instead of the prepackaged ugly bouquet of flowers I usually receive. And I would like to spend the rest of the day with my own mother."

  • Tamara Stefek, Toronto "I think every working mom would agree that family time is incredibly precious. There is only a small window of life when children want and need their mom above anyone else. This year what I really want is to carry on our tradition of having a brunch picnic overlooking my favourite view of Toronto on the hillside of Riverdale Park East. We bring a blanket, food, balls and Frisbees, and always have a wonderful time. It’s the best gift I could ever ask for!"

  • Paula Trombley, Markdale, Ont "What I really want for Mother’s Day is two happy, healthy kids and lots and lots of snuggles."

  • Terri Krajden, Toronto "Mother's Day is a day to show appreciation to all the moms out there and I would love nothing more than a little something my little (big) one has made just for me, which of course I will proudly hang up. As for getting something from my husband, I would love concert tickets to see Bruno Mars!"

  • Nicole Oliver, Edmonton. "I know what I want most for Mother's Day is the same thing that my children want: time together. Very simple. It does not involve going anywhere fancy or expensive gifts. I know that they will do something special for me, such as help make dinner and I will get heartfelt, handwritten cards with handmade crafts that represent an interest that we share together, or something that they know about me. I am always so proud of my children for HOW they celebrate ME on Mother's Day each year! It always leaves me feeling blessed and grateful that we are a family."

  • Natalie Bell, Winnipeg "A little alone time with Daddy wink, wink, a spotless house for a minimum of three consecutive days, luxurious day of pampering i.e massage, spa, mani/pedi, prepared meals and zero housework."

  • Nicole Court, Toronto My daughters are Emma, 6 and Tessa, 3. "For me, as I think of the girls abducted in Nigeria, I really want to simply spend the day with my girls, appreciating how fortunate we are. I look forward to spending the day with my girls, beginning with a yummy breakfast made by my husband with the kids’ expert assistance and then a nice dinner out with their grandma."

  • Mindy Webber, Toronto "A decent family photo!"

  • Alaina Lockhart, Sussex, N.B. "I would REALLY like to celebrate Mother's Day by simply spending time together as four generations. We are so lucky to have each other."

  • Punam Kumar Gill, Calgary "This year is different. This year I want stuff. 1. Sake bath oil from Fresh 2. Heart-shaped aviators 3. A James Pearse Tomboy tank."

  • Laura, Toronto "For Mother's Day, I want to be with my family but have all 'Mommy can I…' questions directed to Daddy."

  • Carolyn Pearl, Toronto "What I really want for Mother's Day is more hours in the day. And more pictures of me with my kids!"

  • Nancy Labadie. Chatham, Ont. "I REALLY want golf lessons! Golf is a game that I can play with my boys. It is also a game that I can use as a distraction when I need some 'mommy me' time. Win-win as far as I see it."

  • Dee, Toronto "I just want to sleep in past 7 a.m. on Mother's Day!"

  • Catherine McCormack, Toronto "As Mother’s Day approaches, and I begin to make plans for spending time with my two amazing little men (Connor, age 9, and Kieran, age 7), I realize that what I really wish for is to be present with them; to slow down and enjoy the little things that make up a lifetime of precious moments that we are often too busy to appreciate. I recently asked them both to help me with a special project, and I think Mother’s Day is a fitting time for us to begin it. Our family has survived my locally advanced breast cancer, and my boys were the inspiration behind my fight, and determination to beat the cancer ‘beast’. Together, we are writing and illustrating a children’s book to help other families through the process of communicating about, coping with, and thriving in spite of cancer. It will touch on ‘our’ survival story; the unique way we framed the ‘battle’, funny anecdotes (yes, humour is highly underrated), and some of the creative and downright silly things we did to stay positive, and create a sense of ‘normal’ throughout our journey. I’m proud of the lessons my young boys took from this life changing experience; the importance of philanthropy and their now strong desire to ‘give back’, the ability to find courage and hope amidst fear, and the all important power of a positive attitude."

  • Joanna Lambert, Toronto "What I really want for Mother's Day is alone time to go shoe shopping and get a haircut!"

  • Christie Cutler, Toronto "Sometimes simplicity is the best gift ever. What I really want this Mother’s Day are eggs Benedict, breakfast in bed!"

  • Sasha Ruel, Toronto "After a nasty four year legal battle, I received what I really wanted last week, I was granted full custody of Emilie. Having that validation, that piece of paper makes me treasure everyday with her even more."

  • Suzanne Moutis, Toronto (this is us at the Grand Canyon this past March) "The one thing I love to receive on Mother's Day is an out-of-print book. Every year I scope out a couple from my favourite old book websites and let my husband and son know what it is and where to buy it. My son, Evan, will be 14, this year so I've amassed quite a collection – I never get tired of re-reading old favourites!"

  • Claire Sibonney, Toronto "I'd like to spend the entire day with my family, snuggling and playing with my baby girl whenever I feel like it while my wonderful husband does ALL the real work including feeding, burping, changing, wiping, bathing, bouncing, hushing, walking, rocking her to sleep and waking up through the night. (Maybe we should try this every weekend!) Oh, and I'd really love a cheesy handmade card, too."

  • Kelly Simmons, Vancouver "What I really want for Mothers Day? I should say more time with my kids. But if you asked my husband he would say that I really want diamonds. Big huge diamond earrings. My three-year-old is what we affectionately call 'busy' and the baby still enjoys hanging out with me one to two times a night so I AM EXHAUSTED. I'm actually looking forward to going back to work so I can go to the bathroom by myself. So what I want as a reward for my Mommyhood is sleep. And diamonds!"

  • Asma Mahmood, Toronto "What I really want for Mother's Day is for my daughters to remain individuals who make a difference in this world with all their eccentricities and attitudes in place! I want to keep learning from them and help make their growth process a wonderful experience. I wish them peace and may they always succeed in finding and recognizing love and really really really would love a holiday with them all together soon! Colombia this time."

  • Jennifer Weinberger, Toronto "What I really want for Mother's Day: a sleep-in. A trip to the gym. Two hours to sit and read a page-turner with a giant cup of coffee. A gigantic bag of Jelly Bellies that I don't have to share and a glass of wine. That I don't have to share. A yummy dinner with my sweet, beautiful family (preferably in a newly renovated kitchen)."

  • Julie Nowell, Salt Spring Island

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">julienowell</a>:<br />What do I really want for Mother's Day? This year it is all about saying goodbye to my Grandmother. It is going to be about being there for MY mom, and having my kids understand the bonds of family and support. It is celebrating life, and being thankful for the strong women who came before us so we could be here.

  • What I really want for Mother's Day

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">BentoMomma</a>:<br />TIME!! That's what I really want for Mother's Day... More time to spend with my littles!

  • Bridget Quammie, Toronto "Mother's Day will be quite interesting this year, since it'll be my first as a mom-to-be! What I REALLY want is a brunch or dinner with all of the amazing mother figures in my life, so that I can soak up their wisdom before baby (who I affectionately call "Little Magician") makes his or her debut!"

  • Brooke Takhar, Vancouver "For Mother's Day, I would like this goon to tell me I'm just as gorgeous as Anna and Elsa. And give me five uninterrupted minutes to pick the snot out of her nose."

  • Vivekah Moddi, Mississauga, Ont. "'I'd like to sleep in and get served with breakfast in bed. The kids can wake me up with a pile on back massage... simply the best! Then I'd like to spend a gadget-free day playing board games and making crafts with my kids and if weather permits, a picnic by the lake would be great! Confetti-ed throughout the day would be loads of hugs, kisses and I love you's."

  • Lorraine, Edmonton "For Mother's Day I would love a weekend get a way with my girlfriends!"

  • Sanober Bukhari, Toronto "In a perfect world Mary Poppins would actually exist and drop by my house to do all the cooking, cleaning and spoonful of sugar singing, keeping my toddler busy and send me off on a spa day, to recuperate those lost marbles. So a day of pampering, some R&R would be great. But knowing what I go through and what the matriarchs before me have gone through, it would be nice to spend time with my mom and grandma, letting them know I finally understand! Happy Mother's Day!"

  • Samantha Ball, Stittsville Ont. With Mary Ball, 2. "What I would like for Mother's Day is to sleep in past 6 a.m....then spend the day outdoors in the sun with my family!"

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