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Woman's Strange Attack On Edmonton Train Passenger Caught On Video

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A young woman can be seen behaving strangely and fighting with a fellow passenger on the Edmonton Transit System (ETS) in videos that were posted to Facebook Thursday.

The first video, posted by Facebook user "Renèe A. Carter," shows a young woman pulling at her shirt and necklace with her eyes closed before she throws the jewelry aside and becomes calm once more.

The second video, which was also posted to YouTube, shows the same woman retrieving a cellphone from her bag and putting it back before she arches her head, puts her hands to her hair and growls.

The woman then leans to her right and grabs the throat of the male passenger sitting next to her, and appears to punch him with her other hand before he pushes her off. The pair tangles more before she lets go and heads for the train doors.

The man then confronts her and another struggle ensues as he pushes her and she tries to kick him.

The tussle continues until Transit Peace Officers arrive and attend to both of them.

City of Edmonton spokeswoman Cheryl Oxford confirmed to Global News that two people were involved in an altercation on a train.

Officers were doing rounds at the Churchill LRT station when the incident occurred, the network reported.

"As you see on the video, the transit officers reacted quickly and appropriately and were able to ensure the safety of the passengers as soon as they were able to intervene," Oxford said.

Both individuals were issued $500 fines for fighting in public. Edmonton police are not investigating at this time, the network said.

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