The health of legendary radio disc jockey Casey Kasem has been going downhill for some time now, however a bigger concern right now is where Kasem exactly is.

CTV News reports Kasem's exact location is unknown with one of his daughters claiming Kasem's wife Jean Kasem is hiding the 82-year-old celebrity either on a native reserve in Washington State or possibly in Canada. It's believed Jean Kasem removed her husband from his prior location without any notice.

Craig Marcus, a lawyer representing Jean Kasem, said he didn't know where Casey Kasem was but was certain he was "no longer in the United States." A judge involved in the rancorous dispute between Jean Kasem and Casey's daughters over his conservatorship ordered an investigation into finding where Kasem, who is in the advanced stages of Parkinson's disease, is now. The judge also deemed Kasem's daughter Kerri Kasem as her father's temporary caretaker.

Kerri Kasem posted the following on Facebook on Monday: "I believe my father's wife fled the country (or possibly went to an Indian Reservation) with my Dad because she knew I would win in court today. The judge ordered Adult Protection Services, the PVP (Probate Volunteer Panel) Attorney and the police to look for him. Please pray that he is safe."

"We're going to find him, take care of him and love him," Kerri Kasem later told the New York Daily News. "He's going to be with family, not stuck in some unfamiliar place where he's dying alone. I'm just praying to God she (Jean) hasn't hurt him. He's very ill and fragile right now. He would need an airplane with special medical services." The NY Daily News also reported that she "suspects her dad might be in Canada."

It's believed Kasem was in a private care facility recently but a contentious battle between Jean Kasem and the three daughters has made headlines. The two sides reached some semblance of an agreement last year regarding a conservatorship for the ailing casey Kasem. Kerri Kasem also told the New York Daily News that her stepmother's possible motives for moving Kerri's father might be something "only someone with severe mental illness would do."

Kasem's American Top 40 program was a staple for decades, and his early work for stations in Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo in could be heard on Canadian radios.

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  • Janet Hubert

    Aunt Viv from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" says <a href="" target="_blank">she's been dealing with medical issues since 2004</a>. She allegedly received treatment for vertigo and intense facial pain, describing such symptoms as "a strange ‘chatter’ in her jaw; was unable to comb her hair; could not touch her face; had severe reactions to sound; would awaken with her mouth clenched; could not move her body in a manner she was used to; and found light painful."

  • Jennifer Arnold

    "The Little Couple" star revealed in Dec. 2013 that she had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, stage 3 choriocarcinoma, that started with a non-viable pregnancy. The pediatrician and reality star explained that she is "undergoing treatment, including surgery and chemotherapy," and later that month <a href="" target="_blank">shared a photo from the hospital.</a>

  • NeNe Leakes

    In Nov. 2013, the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star revealed she "was diagnosed with blood clots in my lung," medically referred to as Pulmonary Embolism. "[W]ith the Grace of God, the help of the doctors, nurses and the love of my family and friends, I was healed ... Thank you all for supporting me in 2013! I know that none of this is possible without you. I am grateful, I love you and I wish each of you a safe and HAPPY, PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR! Welcome 2014!" she wrote on her site at the end of the year.

  • Barbara Walters

    In Jan. 2013, Walter was hospitalized in D.C. after a fall on a step at the home of the British Ambassador to the United States before President Obama's second inauguration. It was in the hospital that she was diagnosed with chickenpox, from which she never suffered as a child. After six weeks off the air, Walters returned to TV in early March.

  • Amy Robach

    In Oct. 2013, ABC News' Amy Robach had her first ever mammogram, on air for "Good Morning America." She was diagnosed with breast cancer. In Nov., Robach underwent a double mastectomy when her doctors discovered that the cancer had spread to her sentinel lymph node. She started four months of chemotherapy in mid-December.

  • Hugh Jackman

    In Nov. 2013, Jackman shared an alarming diagnosis on Instagram. The "Wolverine" actor posted a photo of himself with a bandage on his nose and wrote: "Deb [Deborra-Lee Furness, his wife] said to get the mark on my nose checked. Boy, was she right! I had a basil cell [sic] carcinoma. Please don't be foolish like me. Get yourself checked. And USE sunscreen!!!"

  • Austin Mahone

    In Oct. 2013, the young pop star was <a href="" target="_blank">rushed to the hospital</a> and had to cancel his tour. He posted a photo of himself hooked up to an IV, captioned "I've never felt so bad :(". It was later reported that Mahone was "being treated for a blood clot and 'extreme inflammation' in his throat," as well as for "severe dehydration."

  • Valerie Harper

    The Mary Tyler Moore actress was diagnosed with a rare, terminal brain cancer in January 2013. In March, People magazine reported that her doctors gave her as little as three months to live. But in August, Harper's doctor revealed that her condition was showing marked improvement. "I feel much better," she told People in September. "And my brain scans are looking better too."

  • Angelina Jolie

    In May 2013, Jolie opened up about her choice to have a <a href="" target="_blank">preventative double mastectomy</a> in an op-ed for The New York Times. The 37-year-old actress wrote candidly about carrying a "faulty" gene, BRCA1, and revealed she had an 87 percent risk of getting breast cancer and 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer. Her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, died in January 2007 at the age of 56 after an almost 10-year battle with ovarian cancer.

  • Tori Spelling

    Tori nearly lost her life during her fourth pregnancy with son Finn Davey after <a href="" target="_blank">she was diagnosed with placenta previa</a>. She spent four months on bed rest at a Los Angeles hospital, all the while keeping her condition a secret from fans.

  • Elton John

    In July 2013, the "Tiny Dancer" singer had to cancel a few shows to get <a href="" target="_blank">treated for an inflamed appendix and surrounding abscess</a>. "I was a ticking time bomb. I guess I could have died at any time," said John of his undiagnosed appendicitis. "I feel so lucky and grateful to be alive." In May 2012, John was hospitalized after developing a <a href="" target="_blank">serious respiratory infection</a> following a Las Vegas show.

  • Randy Travis

    In July 2013, it was reported that the country music star has <a href="" target="_blank">congestive heart failure</a> because of a viral respiratory illness he contracted. Doctors described his condition as stable.

  • Mariah Carey

    In July 2013, <a href="" target="_blank">Carey was hospitalized for a dislocated shoulder</a> obtained on set of her music video #Beautiful.

  • Dick Van Dyke

    In April 201, Van Dyke revealed he has been suffering from an undiagnosed neurological disorder for the past seven years. In May, he announced he might've finally found the cause of his mystery illness: <a href="" target="_blank">Dental implant surgery</a>, which can cause nerve damage and may lead to problems related to pain, speech, eating and kissing.

  • Lady Gaga

    In February 2013, Gaga canceled some tour dates because <a href="" target="_blank">she had to undergo surgery for a hip injury. </a>

  • Michael Douglas

    In June 2013, the 68-year-old claimed his <a href="" target="_blank">stage-four throat cancer was caused by performing oral sex</a>. Reportedly, he said he contracted it through the human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease. The actor later <a href="" target="_blank">denied</a> making that connection.

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones

    Douglas' prettier half checked into a mental health facility for treatment of <a href="" target="_blank">her bipolar condition</a> in April 2013. Two years prior, the 43-year-old Oscar winner checked into a similar facility for a brief stay for treatment of her condition, known as Bipolar II (a disorder characterized by mood swings and depressive episodes, commonly treated with medication and psychotherapy).

  • Robin Roberts

    In June 2012, Roberts announced that she had been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called MDS. She started treatment almost immediately and left "Good Morning America" in late August for a transplant. After undergoing a bone marrow transplant in September, Roberts returned to the morning show she co-hosts in February.

  • Carrie Fisher

    In February 2013, Fisher was hospitalized to undergo <a href="" target="_blank">treatment for her bipolar disorder.</a>

  • Carnie Wilson

    Carnie revealed that <a href="" target="_blank">she has been diagnosed with Bell's palsy</a> -- a condition that affects the nerve that controls the muscle on the side of the face, which weakens the muscle and leads to droopiness, according to the Mayo Clinic -- in a tweet to her 5,000 followers in March 2013.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow

    In a candid interview with the the Daily Mail's Sunday magazine You in March 2013, the 40-year-old actress reveals that she experienced a miscarriage while pregnant with her third child.

  • Kelly Osbourne

    The television personality suffered a seizure in March 2013 on the set of her E! show, "Fashion Police." <a href="" target="_blank">The next day she tweeted</a> that doctors were still "trying to figure out why" it happened.

  • Lil Wayne

    Lil Wayne was hospitalized for seizures in March 2013. The rapper tweeted, "I'm good everybody. Thx for the prayers and love," hours after TMZ reported he was close to death.

  • Kim Kardashian

    The reality star was hospitalized with a pregnancy scare in March 2013, three months before giving birth to her daughter North. "Kim started feeling ill on the plane from Paris, and called friends as soon as she landed,"<a href="" target="_blank"> a source told New York Post's Page Six</a>. "She was rushed to her doctor in tears. She thought she was having a miscarriage."

  • Vince Neil

    The Motley Crue singer underwent emergency surgery in March 2013 after walking offstage mid-concert in Sydney, Australia, due to alleged kidney stones. He was rushed to the hospital, cutting short the show.

  • Brooke Burke-Charvet

    Brooke revealed she had thyroid cancer in 2012,<a href="" target="_blank"> telling HuffPost Celebrity after her recovery</a>: "I think just hearing the word cancer and just thinking about my kids and knowing that I needed to be OK [was the worst part]. But then I went right into researching and gathering all the medical information. I really needed to be a great patient and be responsible and do what the doctor suggested and just take it very seriously. But I just think -- being so health conscious -- hearing that word [cancer], that’s the scary part of it. And then getting educated balances out that fear."

  • Nick Cannon

    <a href="" target="_blank">The actor-comedian was hospitalized in January 2012</a> for mild kidney failure and diagnosed with lupus nephritis, followed by another medical visit weeks later due to blood clots in his lungs. Nick was forced to give up his New York City radio gig to focus more on his health.

  • Beyonce

    In her HBO documentary "Life Is But A Dream," Beyonce revealed she had a miscarriage before getting pregnant with her now two-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. In May 2013, <a href="" target="_blank">Bey canceled one of her shows due to "exhaustion and dehydration,"</a> igniting rumors than she is pregnant with baby No. 2. (The rumors were since debunked).

  • Hillary Clinton

    Hillary made headlines when she was hospitalized after Christmas 2012. The condition stemmed from an earlier injury, when she had fainted and struck her head during a trip to Europe. Doctors said her health scare did not result in a stroke or neurological damage, and she was treated with blood thinners.

  • Kate Middleton

    Kate Middleton was hospitalized in London in late 2012 due to a rare pregnancy complication, which can cause severe dehydration and last throughout pregnancy. The hospitalization forced the royal family to announce the pregnancy before the end of Middleton's first trimester.

  • Frankie Muniz

    The "Malcolm in the Middle" star, 26, took to Twitter in early December 2012 to announce he'd suffered a stroke. "Have to start taking care of my body," Muniz tweeted. "Getting old!" One year later, <a href="" target="_blank">Muniz suffered a second mini-stroke</a>, tweeting to his fans that the experience was "Miserable."

  • Anderson Cooper

    While on assignment in Portugal in Dec. 2012, the TV personality was temporarily blinded for 36 hours, after sunlight reflecting off water sunburned his eyeballs.

  • Rosie O'Donnell

    Rosie discovered her coronary artery was 99 percent blocked in August 2012. She called her recovery from the condition, which is the leading killer of men and women in the U.S., a "miracle."

  • Jack Osbourne

    Jack was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis in June 2012. He first became concerned that he had a health problem when he noticed that he was rapidly losing his vision -- he lost 80 percent in his right eye.

  • Kathy Bates

    The actress <a href=",,20628972,00.html" target="_blank">was diagnosed with breast cancer</a> in Sept. 2012 and underwent a double mastectomy.

  • John Mayer

    In August of 2012, the singer was silenced for a second time by this throat condition, which he had previously undergone surgery for in October of 2011.

  • Paula Deen

    The Food Network star <a href="" target="_blank">revealed she had Type 2 diabetes</a> in 2012 and takes Victoza, a once-daily noninsulin injection.

  • George Michael

    The British pop singer was hospitalized with a life-threatening bout <a href="" target="_blank">of pneumonia in November of 2011</a> while touring in Austria. Then in May 2013, he was <a href="" target="_blank">hospitalized for two weeks following a car crash</a>.

  • Adele

    The British singer <a href="" target="_blank">was ordered by doctors</a> to stop singing and even talking for a month in the summer of 2011 due to polyps on her vocal cords. She underwent surgery and was forced her to cancel 14 North American tour dates.

  • Keith Urban

    Around the same time as Adele, country music star Keith successfully underwent surgery for the removal of a vocal cord growth. The singer had announced in November that he would be postponing some performances because of the polyp.

  • Selena Gomez

    In 2011, the singer <a href="" target="_blank">landed in the hospital</a> with an iron deficiency and was "very malnourished." She blamed it at the time on junk food. In 2013, however, Gomez announced that she was canceling the Asian and Australian leg of her tour to take some time for herself. <a href="" target="_blank">It was then rumored that she was battling Lupus</a>.

  • Serena Williams

    In early 2011, the tennis star <a href="" target="_blank">was sidelined by blood clots and a hematoma (a gathering of blood under the skin) on her stomach,</a> which required several hospital visits.

  • Michael C. Hall

    The "Dexter" star underwent treatment for cancer in 2010. "I feel fortunate to have been diagnosed with an imminently treatable and curable condition, and I thank my doctors and nurses for their expertise and care," <a href="" target="_blank">Hall said in a statement</a>.

  • Toni Braxton

    In late 2012, the singer was hospitalized because of "minor health issues" related to Lupus.

  • Rihanna

    In May 2012, Rihanna missed an SNL rehearsal due to "fatigue and illness," and was later hospitalized for exhaustion.

  • Sarah Hyland

    In an interview with Seventeen magazine, the "Modern Family" star revealed she had <a href="" target="_blank">fought a lifelong battle with kidney dysplasia</a>, a condition in which a baby's kidneys don't develop properly in the womb. In early April 2012, she received a kidney transplant from her father, actor Edward James Hyland.

  • Halle Berry

    In July 2012, Berry was rushed to the hospital after sustaining a head injury on the set of her movie "The Hive." Her rep later reported that Berry "was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but she checked out healthy and was released."