06/04/2014 05:40 EDT | Updated 08/04/2014 05:59 EDT

Bee hotel, first of its kind, launches in Toronto today

The first ever bee hotel for pollinators is launching today atop of one of Toronto’s iconic hotels in hopes of attracting the tiny creatures.

The hotel, as it is, is located atop the Fairmont Royal York hotel and is being called the first-ever bee hotel for pollinator bees — one for honey bees already exists on the structure.

These bees do not produce honey or live in hives, but are also suffering in numbers.

“They're dying,” said Alexandra Blum with Fairmont Hotels.

“And one of the reasons they're dying is because in urban environments, they become very confused with urban pollution and smog and they need places to nest.”

Blum and her sister, who works for the cosmetic company Burt’s Bees, came up with the idea.

Victoria MacPhail, a biologist with Wildlife Preservation Canada, was also a part of the project.

MacPhail said that the location works in large part because of the hotel’s green coloured roof and the existing garden they can pollinate.

“Bees frequently visit green roofs, there have been studies done on that and actually a friend told me she had a report of a bee at the top of the Empire State Building,” said MacPhail.

“So build it and they will come.”

Fairmont Hotels said they plan to open others around the world.