06/04/2014 10:19 EDT | Updated 08/04/2014 05:59 EDT

Prostitutions laws and NDP mailouts on Wednesdays with Kady

Things are heating up in Ottawa as we get closer to the summer break.

Stephen Harper has finally picked a new Supreme Court Justice. The Prime Minister's previous choice, Marc Nadon, ended up getting rejected by the country's high court.

The NDP continues to defend itself against the notion that the party broke the rules around mass mailings.

There's also plenty of controversy on the legislative front. 

The government is set to introduce its highly-anticipated prostitution bill later today. That's not the only big file in Justice MInister Peter Mackay's portfolio. He also has to handle the controversial bill C-13, the so-called cyberbullying bill. 

Kady O'Malley will take your questions on all the big political stories of the week today at noon ET.

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