06/05/2014 05:46 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:02 EDT

Moncton shooting: National Firearms Association blasts gun rules after deadly attack

A national gun group attacked Canada’s firearms laws in the wake of the deadly shooting in Moncton N.B., calling them excessive and unable to stop “bad people from carrying out their evil deeds.”

Canada’s National Firearms Association released its public statement on Thursday, one day after three Mounties were shot and killed and two more were wounded. The NFA expressed its condolences to the families and friends of those killed, and criticized the alleged shooter, 24-year-old Justin Bourque.

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“The NFA deplores the terrible actions by a clearly deranged individual that led to these deaths and injuries,” the group said.

“Incidents like these demonstrate the validity of the mounting evidence that none of Canada's firearms control efforts over the past 50 years have had any effect on preventing violence, or otherwise stopping bad people from carrying out their evil deeds,” the statement said.

It remains unclear what firearms and ammunition Bourque may have used in the attack. Images show Bourque, dressed in camouflage clothing, carrying at least two long guns. 

Based on posts on what appears to be his Facebook page, Bourque promoted the use of guns and often shared images with slogans including “Free Men Do Not Ask Permission to Bear Arms.”

The NFA did not focus on Bourque or his background.

“It is clear that Canada's excessive firearms control system has failed again,” the NFA statement said.

The gun group says money spent on gun control would be better used in the health care system.

Meanwhile, Worlds End Warehouse, a gun store in Moncton, put out a statement on Facebook, expressing its condolences and distancing itself from the alleged shooter.

“To prevent pointless media speculation we can confirm that the suspect in this case whilst known personally by employees of our store, was never a customer and never purchased firearms or ammunition from us,” reads the statement.

“We wish the RCMP the best in apprehending the suspect as soon as possible.”

The shop says it promotes the use of firearms for recreational hunting, target shooting and law enforcement.