06/06/2014 07:59 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:03 EDT

Moncton shooting: Justin Bourque was unarmed at time of arrest

The investigation into the deadly Moncton shooting is ongoing, but charges are expected to be laid today following the manhunt and arrest of alleged gunman Justin Bourque, New Brunswick RCMP say.

Bourque, the 24-year-old  suspected of killing three Mounties and wounding two others, was arrested at 12:10 a.m. AT Friday.

Codiac RCMP Supt. Marlene Snowman said Bourque wasn't carrying any weapons when he was arrested, but there were weapons in the perimeter of the arrest.

During an early-morning news conference, she did not say what charges will be laid Friday.

Roger Brown​, RCMP assistant commissioner, told the news conference it is important to start rebuilding the sense of security that was in Moncton prior to the shootings Wednesday.

"We need to start this healing together," Brown said.

"This is the start to a very long road for all of us." 

The RCMP also officially released the names of the fallen officers:

- Const. David Ross, 32.

- Const. Fabrice Georges Gevaudan, 45.

- Const. Douglas James Larche, 40.

Brown said police will release details about funeral arrangements in the coming days.

The two injured officers are:

- Const. Darlene Goguen.

- Const. Eric Dubois.

Mayor says 'we will find our way through this'

Moncton Mayor George LeBlanc reflected on Friday morning about the impact of the last two days on his city.

"Moncton has always been known as a very resilient community. We have been through hard times before, not like this mind you, but I really do think the community will come together and we will find our way through this," he said.

The mayor said it is important to support the police and the family members who lost loved ones in the shootings. He said the relief of Bourque's overnight arrest will soon be taken over by the grief for the family members.

"I think it is going to be a bittersweet day. I think there will be a lot of sadness," LeBlanc said.

"I think the happiness and elation over the arrest of the suspect will continue but I think as time goes on, I think that people will realize how the families and all of us will have to come to terms with the terrible loss that this has caused us."

Witness describes Bourque's arrest

Moncton resident Michelle Thibodeau told CBC News and other media that Bourque was arrested in her backyard in the northwest part of the city where the shooting occurred and which had been on lockdown while the manhunt for the suspect was underway.

Thibodeau said she saw police officers head into a patch of trees in her yard and heard five minutes of screaming. 

“Justin came out with his hands up, and he said, 'I'm done,'" she told CBC News. 

She said he was wearing the same clothes he had been seen in Wednesday and was dripping wet, likely from the rain that was falling in Moncton at the time. 

Remember wounded officers, Alward says

New Brunswick Premier David Alward asked people to also remember the two officers who were wounded and all of the emergency services staff who helped during the shooting and subsequent manhunt.

The two wounded officers underwent surgery on Thursday. One was released, and the other remains hospitalized.

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"When faced with tragedy, it is normal to feel bewildered and shocked," Alward said. "It is important to reach out to our family, friends and neighbours to work through the grief and stress that these events have caused, and encourage people to express themselves."

"Children, in particular, may have difficulties expressing their feelings and confusion."

He added that those feeling overwhelmed can get help in New Brunswick by dialing 811. People can send their condolences to the RCMP at