06/06/2014 02:53 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:04 EDT

Rescued baby moose thriving, wildlife centre says

The baby moose rescued after its mother was found dead by the highway is thriving at a Saskatchewan wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Jan Mitchell of Moosomin was driving to Whitewood on May 28 when she discovered the recently killed adult female moose on the side of Highway 1.

Her calf was hiding nearby. After spending hours searching through waterlogged and tick-infested areas, Mitchell and others were able to coax the recently born moose to come out.

They called Moose Mountain R & R Wildlife Rehabilitation, which took the moose in.

It's been a week and the moose is eating lots of willow branches and is generally in good health, facility spokeswoman Cheryl Winker said.

Two-week-old Mercy, as he's called, is drinking about 20 ounces of moose milk a day.

Winker told CBC News she always keeps a pail of of moose milk in the freezer for emergencies, but Mercy went through that in a few days.

She's had to get an overnight shipment from the United States. 

Mercy won't be released until fall at the earliest. Winker said she works with conservation officers to decide when wildlife are ready to be released.