06/06/2014 06:42 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:05 EDT

Tim Bosma's widow looks to help families of homicide victims

It’s been 13 months since Tim Bosma of Hamilton, Ont., made headlines for his disappearance and the eventual discovery of his remains on an Ontario farm. As the trial of the two men accused in his death gets underway, his widow, Sharlene Bosma, spoke exclusively with CBC News about the charity she has established in his name, during a fundraising event on Friday. 

Tim’s Tribute provides financial assistance to help families and other loved ones of homicide victims cover some of the costs that come with being involved in a major court case.  

Expenses like groceries and parking, "may seem small to some people, " Bosma said. "But if the average trial is six weeks ... it starts to add up."

Bosma said she hopes the charity can make a difference for others. She said she wishes her late husband was known for something other than the particulars of his death.

“I'd rather he be known as a great wonderful fantastic guy who could install your furnace or air conditioner at a great price,” said Bosma. “Because that would mean he'd still be here." 

Click the video above for an extended clip from our interview with Sharlene Bosma.