Ontario Votes: Leaders try to make most of 3 remaining days

06/09/2014 07:46 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:07 EDT
The leaders of Ontario's three main parties will be at full throttle today as they head down the final stretch to Thursday's election.

Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne has stops planned in Cambridge, Stratford and London as she stumps for Liberal votes.

Tim Hudak takes the Tory campaign to Orleans, Dundas, Brampton and Bradford, and the NDP bus will be carrying Andrea Horwath to events in Toronto, Sarnia, Chathan and Windsor.

Yesterday Wynne stepped up her attacks on her rivals, accusing Hudak and Horwath of using the gas-plant scandal to try to deflect attention from their own unpopular campaign plans.

She also warned that voting for the NDP would really mean a vote for the Tories, who she said would destroy Ontario's economy.

Tim Hudak was telling voters to expect the Liberals to resort to scare tactics — to try to paint him and his platform as a bogeyman in order to deflect attention from their scandals.

Andrea Horwath has framed the Liberals as corrupt and said Tim Hudak's math in his "Million Jobs" plan doesn't add up, but yesterday she went even further in denouncing the Tories' platform, calling it "crazy."

She said voters don't have to choose between "corrupt and crazy" — they can choose the NDP.

Several polls suggest the Liberals and P-Cs are in a statistical dead heat, and winning over some of the NDP' traditional supporters may be Wynne's best shot at staying in power.