It's only been three months since the "Teen Wolf" Season 3 finale (and the devastating episode before that) but it seems like forever, doesn't it? Which is why "Teen Wolf" fans have been chomping at the bit for its much-anticipated return, which is thankfully right around the corner.

With Allison (Crystal Reed) and Aidan (Max Carver) dead, Isaac (Daniel Sharman) and Ethan's (Charlie Carver) departures at the end of Season 3, Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) knowing the truth all along, Kira (Arden Cho) and Malia (Shelley Hennig) joining the cast as regulars, and the return of Kate (Jill Wagner), Beacon Hills looks like it's going to be a whole new place. But that's not a bad thing. The show has been growing up, as have the characters. This is no longer a teen drama. It's one that is steeped in mystery and mythology; no more child's play -- and time to play with the big (bigger?) boys. And girls. And werejaguars.

The theme of Season 4 is "Can't Go Back" and that's a good thing because it was all getting a little confusing, no? Really, though, it doesn't look to be getting any clearer since there's a new evil in town -- and I'm not just referring to Kate. The Benefactor will be the main dude everyone is up against this season. The thing is, it could be one of our very own who we have already grown to love -- or hate -- who could be trying to rid the world of anything supernatural.

It'll be a pivotal time for Chris Argent (JR Bourne), who doesn't have time to mourn the death of his daughter because his sister is back in town. HuffPost Canada TV spoke with Bourne and got some answers. OK, he left me with more questions than answers but that tends to happen with a show as complex as "Teen Wolf." Don't fret, though. I did manage to wrangle up some tidbits about how everyone is handling their grief, if Isaac will return, whether he and Derek will be a force to be reckoned with and how no one has snapped up the comely Melissa McCall (Melissa Ponzio) yet.

HuffPost Canada TV: Are you still in the middle of filming, or have you wrapped?
JR Bourne: We are literally on our last episode as of today.

I've been seeing lots of pics of you with the beard. As of today, is it still there or have you shaved it off yet?
The beard is still here. [Laughs] We've kept it. We actually haven't fully read Episode 12 so that moment still might come.

Oh, that's good, that means you're going to be up to no good -- but in a good way.
I love that. That beard is the symbol for grief and no good. [Laughs]

His entire family has been killed off, or so he thinks. How messed up is Argent going into Season 4?
Pretty messed up. Listen, Denette, I keep saying it. It's making me realize just how messed up he is. It makes me go back and think about some of the scenes I've already shot and be like, "Did I do that messed up enough?" Because he comes back extremely messed up, confused about where to direct his anger, his vengeance and what to do with it. Season 3, he started to be passive, not get involved. He attempted that but that didn't go over well. Now he's back, it's "What the f**k? What do I do? Where do I go?"

Chris and Isaac left Beacon Hills together. Do they both come back?
Only one comes back.

I know. I know. We're all great friends off the show and Daniel and I have gotten quite close. He saved my life last year when I had a job on stage for a one-night performance that was being put on for a playwright. He was the one that literally saved my ass. Every day we weren't working, and every day on set, he was helping me memorize my lines for this play that I had a week to go and do. The show was amazing at working the schedule, they said this was a great opportunity, go to New York, do this performance and we'll work the schedule. It was incredible, the whole experience. But it really bonded Daniel and I outside work. We got really close. We did a convention in Austria a couple of weeks ago, we're going to London in a few weeks and we'll keep joking with the fans as to where we went, what we did [after they left for France in the Season 3 finale]. He's like, "Did you just leave me there? Did Argent just leave Isaac? He's got no family, he's parentless. What did you do?" [Laughs]

You mean it's not answered?
I said, 'Listen, you're fine, I left you with money, you've got baguettes, you've got wine." [Laughs]

It would've been so great, you just lost a child, he has no parents, it would have been the perfect launch for an interesting take on a father-son relationship.
I know. I agree. I don't know what's planned for Season 5. And quite honestly, as close as Daniel and I are, I can't even say this is what he's going to do. But I was kind of excited for that storyline as well. But, again, Daniel wanted to go off and do some other things and try new things.

But the door's left open.
Oh, yeah. He's not dead. He literally is drinking wine and eating baguettes and sowing his seeds in Paris. I mean, literally. [Laughs]

Good for him! OK, when the season kicks off, is Argent back in Beacon Hills?
No. It's going to take a little bit. But obviously he does return. But it's not in the first episode.

Will Allison's death be what drives a lot of the characters this season?
[Creator] Jeff [Davis] has done another season where there are definitely moments [throughout this season] where you see the weightedness in all of us. You'll see the ripple effect and what it's doing to them, but he has created this overall thing that becomes the focus.

The Benefactor. What can you tell us about him? Please don't say it's Chris' dad. If I never saw Gerard (Michael Hogan) again, it'll be too soon.
Hmm, what I can tell you about the Benefactor? That's going to be fun to figure out.

Is that the mystery for the entire season?
Yes. There is this Benefactor who is going after all the supernaturals? It's a bad-ass freakin' character, and I think everybody is going to be on that list of who it could be.

Could it be you?
It could be. And it could be anybody. The Benefactor wants to cleanse, he wants to rid the world, he wants to benefit from it all. Oooh, listen to all the codes and riddles I'm speaking. [Laughs] You can't handle it. [Laughs]

I loved seeing Argent's scenes with Derek (Tyler Hoechlin). Will there be more of that?
Not as much as we were hoping. We were excited about that as well. I loved that stuff with him, that stuff in the office was amazing. He really revealed himself, the vulnerability. There's a real parallel between the two, especially now with Derek losing so much of his family at the hand of my sister. No, there isn't as much as he and I were hoping. Kate throws a wrench into all of that. It's all Jill's fault.

Yeah, it's totally Jill's fault.
Did you notice I said Jill and not Kate? [Laughs]

With Kate alive and back, as a werejaguar. Good Lord. What does that mean for Chris?
That's potentially an outlet for him. That's one of the main reasons for bringing him back. He's going to be struggling with the code, the new code that obviously his daughter came up with. But then when he gets back, s**t starts to go down and he struggles with this balance of: do I continue along these lines of protecting those who can't protect themselves, or do I go back to being a lone survivor, and we hunt those who hunt us? The original code. And Kate, he knows she's there, he's been looking for her and realizes that that could be where she is.

Has he known she's been alive this whole time?
Yeah, he started to figure out back in Season 3 [Episode 23, "Insatiable"]. Do you remember the scene with him and Hoechlin in the loft, where he's holding the shotgun shell? Well, that had the Argent family symbol on it, that's the fleur-de-lis we see in the head of the bullet. So that was the moment when Argent kind of goes, "Wha? That's my family shield, so who could that be?" He started hunting back then, started looking and researching and tracking. He realized it was Kate.

Who does Argent interact with this season, if it's not Derek and there's no Isaac? Is it mostly going to be Kate? Is he just alone? Who are his allies and who are his foes this season?
Part of me doesn't want to tell you. You're going to see him ... [long pause] interact with a lot of people. Honestly, it's such a great question, somebody who truly has an interest would ask that. It isn't going to be just Derek or Scott (Tyler Posey) that he's aligned with. You're going to see this sort of interaction across the board, even with someone he's never interacted with since Season 1, which I think is kind of fun and interesting.

And it'll make sense? Because with Allison gone, she was Chris' one true, organic link to these kids, to Derek. It would be understandable if we never saw you again -- though we wouldn't like that at all! -- so what keeps Chris tied to them?
Jeff has always created this struggle for Chris. Even from Day 1, he said, "You are from this lineage of pure and most fierce hunters, that is who the Argents are. This is who you are and this is what you're carrying. But you are also a man and a father and a husband." So from Day 1, he created this struggle for Chris, a balance between the two, always having this moral code for family and for being a hunter looming over his head, and really being the only family member that follows it. And every season, there's always been a struggle for him. Jeff amazingly did the same for this season and the struggle for Chris is going to be one of humanity, because he is no longer a father and he is no longer a husband, but there still is a human nature in him, which I think he's learned because of his daughter being in love with a werewolf. Scott carries a lot of those same traits. Scott is a man that has a moral code within himself and then this other thing, this animalistic thing, so he has a bond with him.

And then I think Chris is going to struggle with this complete and utter rage and vengeance and anger and hurt. That was the amazing thing that I think is good this year for Chris, is that he's done these things and now what the f**k does he do? He bonded with these people, because of his daughter. He wasn't forced, he allowed himself to open his eyes. But at the same time, there's this complete and utter rage just coursing through his veins and sadness and revenge.

How was that to play?
Amazing. I selfishly wish there was more. I know what this show is really about but I do love the opportunity, for even a moment. I really do love Jeff's writing and the layers he puts in it for Chris that I get to show. Even in a scene, there's some amazing stuff we just shot in 4.11 -- that I would love to tell you about but can't -- just spending a day working on this one tiny, little scene. Where Chris is at, I would love to spend an hour just delving into him, and I don't think I'd ever find any kind of resolution which I think makes him very human.

I'm a little sad that there won't be scenes with Argent and Isaac, and there won't be scenes with Argent and Derek, but I guess I'll still tune in. [Laughs]
[Laughs] This would not be a good interview if I just lost a viewer.

Yeah, I'm done. Don't watch "Teen Wolf" ever again. There's the headline.
"You're not going to get this, or this. Don't bother tuning in." Wow, that is possibly the worst thing I could have ever done.

Nope, you're safe. Wolves couldn't keep me away. God, that was so bad.

"Teen Wolf" premieres Monday, June 23 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV and MTV Canada.

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