There's never been a better reason to share one of the most intimate moments of anyone's life.

Toronto couple BJ Barone and Frankie Nelson welcomed newborn son Milo into the world on June 27, just as WorldPride was being celebrated in the city amid an outpouring of love for families of all kinds.

The birth was captured in a photo, which has since gone viral, showing both dads in tears embracing their son. It currently has over 40,000 likes on the photographer Lindsay Foster's Facebook page.

Check out the video above to find out what exactly happened in those precious moments and why some commenters online are taking issue with it.

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  • You're Raised To Be Caring & Compassionate

    And you learn how to put your compassion into action... and be all cute and matchy-matchy while doing it. (Photo courtesy of Andy Miller)

  • You Get To Meet All Their Cool Friends

    They never mind sharing their friends (or cookies) with you. (Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">Jerry Mahoney</a>)

  • You Learn The Colors Of The Rainbow Before All The Other Kids

    Also, PARADES!!! (Photo courtesy of Henry <a href="" target="_blank">Amador-Batten</a>)

  • You Can Step On All The Cracks You Want

    And grow up just as loving and respectful towards women as any kid with a mom. (Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">Brent Almond</a>)

  • You Get The Best Cuddles

    Complete with tickly beard kisses. (Photo courtesy of Jere & Andrew Lorenzen-Strait)

  • They Went Through A LOT To Become Your Parents

    Regardless of how you became a family, you can rest assured you were wanted and planned for — sometimes long before you were even born. (Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">Brian Copeland</a>)

  • You May Not Be Biologically Related, But The Resemblance Is Uncanny

    Even if it’s not, there’s never any question whose kid you are. (Photo courtesy of Scott Thomas)

  • You Travel In Style… And With Options

    It’s not extra clothing. It’s a wardrobe change. (Photo courtesy of Silvio & Jeff Weisner)

  • They Teach You About Patriotism…

    Families with gay dads are as grateful for their freedom as any other Americans. And I mentioned how much we love parades, right? (Copyright Kate Adamick /Photo courtesy of the <a href="" target="_blank">DeOliveira Scappaticci family</a>)

  • …And Equal Rights For Everybody .

    Someday soon, families with gay dads will be equally American in every sense. Until then, the march continues. <span style="text-decoration:underline;">Please hold hands.</span> (Copyright Kate Adamick /Photo courtesy of the <a href="" target="_blank">DeOliveira Scappaticci family</a>)

  • Every Day (Month, Year, Etc.) Is A Celebration

    They never grow tired of showing how much they love you. Or throwing a party. (Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">2Dads+4</a>)

  • You Learn Important Life Skills At An Early Age

    What?!? It’s a SMOOTHIE. (Photo courtesy of Jon Kinyon & Rick VanDerSnick)

  • You May Not All Be The Same Color, But You Always Match

    And you may all have different personalities, but there’s no doubt you’re family. (Photo courtesy of Monroe Moore)

  • Luckiest Daddy’s Girl EVER

    Double the daddies, double the doting. (Photo courtesy of Jere & Andrew Lorenzen-Strait)

  • Never A Lack Of Sparkle

    And never a lack of reasons to accessorize. (Photo courtesy of Earl Fenwick Jr)

  • You Learn About Giving Back To The Community

    And which is your best side. (Photo courtesy of Rich <a href="" target="_blank">Madaleno</a>)

  • They Stick With You, Even Through The Zombie Apocalypse

    And no one ever complains about the smell. (Photo courtesy of Jose & JT Mendez-Trevino)

  • You Get To See The World From New Heights

    Multi-purpose shoulders: to cry on, to lean on, to rise above it all. (Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">Seth Taylor</a>)


    Plus you get a strong foundation of love, acceptance and self-confidence. (Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">Tom McMillen-Oakley</a>)

  • They Teach You All About Superheroes…

    They’re always down for dressing up. (Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">Brent Almond & Nick Pirulli</a>)

  • …And Introduce You To Real Ones

    Including powerful, wonderful women. (Get it? Because she’s <a href="" target="_blank">Wonder Woman</a>!) (Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">Brent Almond</a>)

  • You Get To Be In Your Parents’ Wedding…

    Experience the joy of seeing the two people that love you most promise to be your family forever. (Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">Brad Letson & Brad Benton</a>)

  • …Which Is Always FABULOUS

    Sorry, I tried to get through the list without using the word “fabulous.” But seriously, how could I resist here? (Photo courtesy of Brad & Nick Schlaikowski)

  • You Always Feel Safe

    And when you don’t, see number 5. (Photo courtesy of Silvio & Jeff Weisner)

  • If You’re Really Lucky, You’ll Grow Up To Be A Thoughtful, Appreciative (And Witty) Adult -- Just Like Your Dads

    24 years of reminding him to write thank you notes really paid off. (Photo courtesy of David E. Hales)